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Earlier this week I was reading an article about the bizarre items that have been left in hotel rooms. And surprisingly it was not sex toys, the phone chargers or even the fake limbs that caught my eye. Instead it was the passing statement that more and more people are ‘getting caught having sex on plainly-visible security cameras - in pools, spas, saunas, hallways, stairwells, bars and even in storeroom cupboards!’ Now if I were cynical I might say that is simply because there are more cameras around these days; but perhaps more people are feeling frisky outside of the bedroom and following through with their desires. Either way it’s... read full article


Top Five Popular Places to have Sex

Not that I've done it myself but what about on a Trampoline ?!?!


When i was younger and lust overcame common sense I once indulged at my work place in a dark room on a photo processing machine... lol thinking back we were lucky not to be overcome by fumes


on the beach behind a boulder lol that only just covers some of you


I dont think you can beat in the spa bath or in the garden on a beautyiful night!!!


In the long grass on a picnic blanket as long as you arn't allergic!


Sex on the beach is always a favourite in alot of movies ( wasnt meaning the naughty ones) but you would so want a big blanket to lay on, couldnt think of anything worse than that course sand in the wrong places! I have tried the bath but we ended up a big mess of arms and legs and water all over the floor. We did see the funny side in it all though.


oh yes! the good old days, in the back of my mans chev! (now replaced with a people mover, ha!ha!) parked up at one tree hill, once we had just finished, and the security came round, lucky he had a torch, as it gave us enought time to pull our undies up! These days, its in bed, comfortable but not very exciting. But do enjoy it when the massage oils are pulled out.


My boyfriend once splashed out and took me to the most beautiful beauty spa in Hamner Springs in Christchurch, before our amazing massages, we ended up having a reeallllllyyy good time in the steam room ;) great way to unwind together! you feel amazing after, I recommend it to everyone haha!


The days of "do'in it in the car" are well over, but I will settle for the spa pool, its a great place for sex - warm & intimate!

Only problem with the spa or a pool is the lack of slipperiness. The water washes it away


In the kitchen? Once you're married with a few kids in tow, you may have to perfect the art of being the passionate lover whilst stacking the dishwasher, making the packed lunches and wiping down the bench!


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