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Green smoothies are healthy treats that are made up of well, vegetables. Veggies are the ingredients of choice for green smoothies, although other food can be mixed in as well, especially fruits, fruit juices, nuts, and beans. These are called green smoothies because most of the ingredients that are mixed in with the vegetables are natural. There are many ways to prepare vegetable smoothies, but in their simplest form smoothies only require a blender, vegetables of your choice, and some ice. Just mix everything in the blender, and start blending, and there you have it, green smoothies for you and your family. The question really is how can you enjoy... read full article


Tips for Using Vegetables in Green Smoothies

This is great. I love smoothies and know people who swear by putting in a few greens!


I dont know what it is but putting vegetables in smoothies just doesnt seem like it will taste nice. Ive always only had fruit ones :)


To veg out may help out the waist-line. A smoothy way to ge there.....


Good idea!


Going to try this tomorrow!


I've got a juicer that I use instead of a blender. Does this do the same thing or do you need the whole fruit/vegetable for it to be of any benefit?


I use a juicer for this too. Really like my juicer! Bit of a pain to clean though.


ive heard of this... but always been a bit weary!! might have to try it now!!


It would be great if someone could post some recipes... there would be so many that taste horrible, it would be nice to start with one that actually tastes ok and then experiment from there.

Also, the article says "anything goes. You can add anything you like, as long as the vegetable or fruit is fresh". Is this true? I thought it was bad to eat raw potatoes, and I can't imagine kumara being very nice either.


what sorts of fruits are best to add with vegetables - im always using apples and dislike bananas

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