Discussing :: Three Easy Ways to Make Fitness a Part of Your Lifestyle

Making the decision to exercise and be healthy is a wonderful thing! It is a little tricky at first, but that is only because we are comfortable with our routine and habits. The way to break free from the daily rut is to slowly add fitness into your life in a way that is comfortable, to make the transition a healthy and happy one. Three easy ways to make fitness a part of your lifestyle 1. Of course, you will need to exercise. This is the hardest part for most people because before you get fit, you lack energy, motivation and results. Fear not new exerciser! The transition toward an active lifestyle is easier than you have imagined. Start by picking a... read full article


Three Easy Ways to Make Fitness a Part of Your Lifestyle

...great tips and totally agree the first initial steps to decide to exercise and change your lifestyle is the biggest push, once you are over that hurdle and am able to exercise regularly life is bliss....


When it comes to exercise, so many of us are like little children who are told to do their homework. Someone else is telling us we have to do it. It is not truly our choice; we just know we are supposed to do it but in the end, we wonder if it really will make that much difference to our lives. What I am saying, is that unless there is sufficient personal motivation and incentive, we will always resist and procrastinate. We will daydream rather than get down to business, cut corners rather than put in our best. To develop a habit, we have to deeply want to exercise or most of us will still fall by the wayside given the slightest excuse. As for finding the right exercise, - one that we enjoy, from where I stand, there seems to be those who like exercise and those who don't. If you find exercise is something you enjoy, then obviously it wouldn’t be so difficult to do it; you would simply be having a good time. However, if it makes you feel yuk, hot sweaty, tired, puffed, bored, useless, week, exhausted, sore... why would you want to do it when you can sit on a comfortable couch, relax and watch your favourite TV show? I can see that a personal trainer would definitely help, but like the maths tutor who explains and sets out problems for you to solve, unless you practice what you are taught, it all comes to naught. The holidays, a cold, a birthday… so easy to put off a training session; plus is the expense is a definite disincentive. Then there is the pure selfishness of exercising – the indulgence and the narcissism… the money the time, the self-satisfaction, the gloating! How many times have I seen women heading for the gym in their fancy gear, or running the streets and thought to myself, “I wonder if they put in as much effort spending quality time with their kids or partners?” Everyone needs time out just for themselves. Everyone needs some physical activity. What’s wrong with just living however – doing those things that need to be done. I recently worked in a large office on a contract. I couldn’t believe that the thirty or so people I worked with, all had morning and afternoon coffee at their desks. It was rare for them even to leave their desks for a lunch break. Something felt drastically wrong. For me, a lunchtime walk in the fresh air was heavenly. Even the few steps to the tearoom for a break helped stop me going crazy. But here were people who sat all day, who took their cars everywhere – to do the banking down the road, to buy some biscuits for the tearoom. Many of these people had cleaners to help at home, nannys for their kids. No wonder there were so many ‘blobs’. Do I worry about my lack of physical regimented exercise? Yes, sometimes I do. But then I wonder if this worry is justified or is it a media driven guilt? I garden, I vacuum clean, I scrub my windows, mop my floors, run up and down my stairs. I walk just to enjoy the day when the weather is right. I know I couldn’t manage a triathlon – I’m not that fit…but do I need to be to live and be healty? I don’t think so. My life has balance right now and I feel well and happy. I’d like to lose some weight but who wouldn’t! I’m not going to obsess about getting more exercise. As they say, sometimes the cure is worse than the disease!


Has anyone tried the Shweeb, down in Rotorua? Its a monorail system powered by reclining bikes, all nicely enclosed in a weatherproof pod system. If we could cycle to work in those, free of traffic or rain worries, safe and dry, we could save time, save fuel, and get fit on out way to work. I have a dream, brothers and sisters..!


By doing a little and making it enjoyable every day is the key. Don't think of exercise as a chore or you'll never want to do it


Definitely what i need after i indulge at Xmas & New Years!!


New Years resolution for many....... let's hope they succeed!


I'm just getting back into a training routine, it can be so difficult to get back on track, pun intended ;D, after life throws spanners at you. My gift to myself this Christmas is a diet and exercise rehash. I really need to have a good think about what I want to achieve and make some goals and note it all down. It's so easy to say 'nup, too tired' or 'mmmm a second piece of cake' but it doesn't stop that super energetic fitness crazy voice in my head from screaming 'drop and give me twenty girl' and she's starting to drive me nutso ;D I love working out, I love sweating til I'm soaked but sometimes it's just so hard to motivate oneself with all the other things in life that pop up. I usually only make one new years resolution and that's to be a better me tomorrow than I was today but this year I'm going to throw in another, to give myself the gift of self-respect (which I'm a bit low on at the moment because I'm not achieving certain things I'd like to) by dedicating myself to a new routine so I can get back to being me instead of being the girl that kind of dislikes me. I've got everything I need to know within me I just gotta put it to use! Happy training everybody :D


I have been working with a fantastic personal trainer for a year now, and still struggle with the motivation to exercise. I have four weeks off work, and am setting this aside for my own personal motivation and organisation time. i like the 15 mins a day, and this will be my goal to try and establish better exercise routines.


Good wee review, I agree I dislike excercise generally speaking but once you get the hang of it after a few weeks you feel the need to do it if you skip a day. When I get bored of my usual fitness exercises and can't be bothered it's nice and easy to get a bit of exercise in by doing star jumps or jogging on the spot while I watch TV


Thanks for this review, its given me the motivation to get back into things! I had been excerising daily and starting to see results before christmas came along... poor excuse i know... but i just seemed to get so much busier and excersise was the first thing that got dropped and went out the window! Im gutted about it now because i have to start all over again... So yep i totally agree with others that getting started is the hardest part really. Bring on the new year with new goals im thinking! :)


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