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By serving as an origin story for Marvel’s God of Thunder, Thor denotes the next step in Marvel’s superhero world-building effort leading up to 2012’s The Avengers. Admittedly, the outlook for Thor was never overwhelmingly positive - the title role was given to little-known Aussie beefcake Chris Hemsworth (a soap star glimpsed oh-so-briefly in 2009’s Star Trek), and the director’s chair was allotted to Kenneth Branagh, who had never been near a big-budget spectacle in his career. Nonetheless, the film denotes another home run for Marvel - it’s easily one of the best, if not the best ... read full article



I would watch this for Chris Hemsworth alone - yum!

Oh but he looks so old!!!!


I always felt that Chris Hemsworth was destined for more than what he started out as. He was a great actor on Home & Away, playing a very humble role, with the female name 'Kim,' and with being given the runaround by many a troubled woman. His role in Star Trek was just as humble and I find it no surprise that he has finally jumped into the lead role of what is to become a popular movie, forever solidifying his presence in Hollywood. I've seen Kenneth Branagh in a number of films and also admired his work. To hear that he directed this film puts him in a totally different spotlight for me. I'm really keen to see what he delivers, and if this review is anything to go by, I'm in for a treat!


What I like about movies like this is pure escapism - you can watch, get enthralled and almost forgot where you are - Chris Hemsworth is a force to watch after this movie comes out - I am really looking forward to seeing it and this will be my first venture into a cinema since the earthquakes down here - but it will be worth it :-)


I have a new found respect for Natalie Portman after Black Swan. I'm still not even sure if I actually enjoyed the movie but I sure know she gave the performance of a lifetime in it. There are not a lot of movies my husband and I both want to see equally as much but Thor is one of them.


The Hemsworth brothers are certainly ones to watch. Australian male actors seem to be more and more in demand in USA right now - they're leading every major tv show (well two of my faves - The Chicago Code and Hawaii Five-0) and can do no wrong. Normally I leave these type of movies to hubby, but after reading so many positive reviews on sites like Chelsey, we've booked babysitters and are off to see this on Saturday. Date night, woohoo! And now, some Hemsworth-brothers for you...


I am awaiting this film with anticipation, but also some trepidation. The Mighty Thor was such a fiirm Marvel comic book hero from my childhood, particularly when he shared the pages with the Amazing Spiderman, it will be interesting to see how it transfers to the big screen. Still with Chris Hemsworth in a starry role, I might be prepared to compromise my comic book memories!


I really wanted chris to be great in this as he was such a hottie in home and away hopefully something more intellectual will come his way.


Thor sounds awesome, my partner went and saw it by himself as i sat at home bored while our daughter was sleeping and i had nothung to do... LOL!!!


I would like to see this movie--not anything to do with Chris Hemsworth, but it looks like a fun action flick, and I've never seen a 3D movie before. Also, Anthony Hopkins has gotten great reviews.


Definitely looks like something my boyfriend would enjoy!


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