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Popeye was right; spinach really is good for you. Spinach is a leafy vegetable that belongs to the same family as kale and beets and is not only great tasting but also able to provide your body with excellent nutrition and can cure many health problems. Raw spinach is rich in amino acids, carotenes, Vitamins A, C, E, K and B complex, iron (which explains Popeye's strength after eating spinach), iodine (which has anti-inflammatory agents), magnesium, potassium and more. The alkalinity of the minerals found in spinach helps your body to regulate its pH and you will get the same amount of protein from a portion of spinach as you would get from a... read full article


The Nutritional Benefits of Raw Spinach

...I love spinach especially in ravioli with some pumpkin and Ricotta or goats cheese....yum...but I know I need to eat more raw spinach...and control my need for ravioli and cheese...lol...be one of those luxury portion controlled items for me....and spinach is versatile and can be used in many dishes....


Off the top of my head ways I use spinach (love it!) •baby spinach in salads •microwaved with a spoon of sour cream •sauteed in butter with a chopped onion •as a currry ingredient •in assorted quiches •on pizza •creamed with a beaten raw egg stirred through •in omlettes •under a poached egg on a muffin with hollandaise sauce (Eggs Benedic) •in filled rolls, panninis instead of lettuce •chopoed with boiled eggs in sandwiches •in filo with feta •in fish pies •a few leaves blended into homemade mayo for lovely green colour •cream of spinach soup •in little puff pastry shells mixed with chopped ham and cheese custard..


i always use that baby spinnach stuff... if that like the same as normal spinnach?


Popeye fodder is an ideal green, for salads, etc...... much more appealing than silver-beet


I love silverbeet too - but only cooked. It's much better value than spinach if you are cooking it and doesn't shirnk the same way. To be honest though, I think silverbeet and spinach taste entirely different and can't understand why people say they taste the same.

...yes silverbeet is great too....yeah I prefer it cooked to with some spicing seasoning in garlic...love it


I've just got the vegie garden started. No spinach yet but I might look some out to add to the few leafy greens I've already put in. Still need silverbeet too.


Yum, I love spinich! So healthy too.


We love spinich too!


Spinach is one of my favourite vegs but never ceases to amaze me when you cook it that a huge bowl can end up as half a cup! Much better value raw in salads!


Do you remember Popeye the Sailor cartoons & his Spinach. The popularity of Popeye helped boost sales of the leafy vegetable. Spinach consumption increased 33 percent in the United States between 1931 and 1936 as Popeye gained popularity.[citation needed] Using Popeye as a role model for healthier eating may work; a 2010 study revealed that children increased their vegetable consumption after watching Popeye cartoons. The spinach-growing community of Crystal City, Texas, erected a statue of the character in recognition of Popeye's positive effects on the spinach industry. There is another Popeye statue in Segar's hometown, Chester, Illinois, and statues in Springdale, Arkansas and Alma, Arkansas (which claims to be "The Spinach Capital of the World,") at canning plants of Allen Canning, which markets Popeye-branded canned spinach. In addition to Allen Canning's Popeye spinach, Popeye Fresh Foods markets bagged, fresh spinach with Popeye characters on the package. In 2006, when spinach contaminated with E. coli was accidentally sold to the public, many editorial cartoonists lampooned the affair by featuring Popeye in their cartoons. Wikipedia says that.


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