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It’s the new personal media. Instead of checking into your local media site 10 times a day You’re checking into your personal media wall. Most often it’s presenting the same information, but you’re checking for what’s new, what’s changed, what’s happening. An interesting swap in media consumption that we’re seeing. read full article


The Facebook Wall

I love facebook, such a great way to get in contact or keep in contact with family and friends. I really enjoy being able to see whats new with sites and businesses too. You can find out whats going on in so many places all in one place.


As far as up to date information goes it really can't be beat! People from all over the world, in all types of situations, can update and provide up to the minute footage and pictures. It really has become a first point of call for the latest in news and for a real-life unsensored update. On top of that it is such an awesome way to keep in touch with family and friends all over the world :)


Sometimes facebook seems more like a brag book to me - people trying to out do each other with with photos of their latest overseas holiday or arm candy of the moment. I prefer twitter for for a quick way to keep in touch with friends and also connect with what's happening in the wider world. You also have more control over the information you view, with less intrusive advertising.


I don't know - I'm a little over Facebook. Sure it's fantastic and all but I just think sometimes it's all too much. I see my friends and family often enough anyway I don't need all-day feeds into their lives as well. I also think others expectations have grown too. I'm expected to have kept up with everyones posts and what they're doing and when. But then I have the control - I choose to log in or not. Don't get me wrong though, I get huge enjoyment from Facebook but sometimes I need to be a hermit and just focus on me and my own household and that's it :)


It is a little scarey to put yourself out there for friends, friends of friends, or god knows who because you haven't quite worked out the privacy settings to see. But I do think it's a great business tool - fantastic way to connect to consumers or people who are interested in your product. It has its place.


I ♥ Facebook !


I see the benefits of it, but its also a time waster and privacy invader, and useful mostly to those who just want to feel important!


I think social network sites have made socialising the old fashioned way a thing of the past. Each to their own, but for me nothing beats catching up over a cup of tea. Putting yourself out there on facebook, I think, turns into a bit of a competition (who has the most friends) rather than focusing on what's important - just being there for your friends.


I still love catching up with people, its great being able to see what everyone is donig on facebook and looking at all the photos but I agree with Gloria I would rather meet someone for a coffee :)


I'm one of the few who doesn't use facebook!

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