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You often see holiday gift guides and the like, but not often enough do we see guides on dealing with clutter during this most cluttered of seasons. From gifts to wrapping to decorations to cardboard boxes from Amazon and more, the holidays can see more accumulation of clutter than any other time of the year. How do we deal with it? It takes a multi-pronged approach. Let’s dive in. Clearing Existing Clutter If your house isn’t free of clutter at this point, you can start to make a dent, even with a busier holiday schedule. Some ideas: Spend just 2-5 minutes at a time. Get a cardboard box for donations. When you’re in your bedroom, spend... read full article


The Clutter-free Holiday Guide

Fantastic advice..uncluttered house = uncluttered mind!


Thanks for all those Clutter-Free Holiday Guide... I just want to enjoy the Festive Season with the top thing in mind, the Only Reason of the Season, the birth of our LORD JESUS CHRIST! The company of my family and friends added to it, with the simple joy and get together of sharing the blessings from HIM... Wishing you and all a very joyful Happy Yuletide Holidays!


Gosh this article speaks to me.I need to de clutter so I have less work and dust.Will print it off and USE it


I recently decluttered, and what a difference! I now like to come ome, instead of seeing piles of 'things' everywhere I now know where everything is and felt good by donating a large amount of preloved but still good stuff to various organsiations.


This is good advice, I never can seem to get ready in time for Christmas


I always try to make things run smooth over the silly season it always makes for a better time to enjoy each others company


Gift item flowers are happy to bear the pomegranate as our logo, as it properly embodies our strategy to planning and curating our Gift Tree. Spanning cultures and continents, the pomegranate has served as being a sign of generosity considering that medieval times.


I recently decluttered, and what a difference! I now like to come ome, instead of seeing piles of 'things' everywhere I now know where everything is. It have taught me a lot of things and the custom closets Fort Worth have made things ten times a lot easier for me. I loved using this amazing thing!

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