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If you have a bike, take it out for a spin! Cycling is a fantastic way to get in shape. Best of all it's fun. Benefits Of Cycling: -Targets the whole lower body -Strengthens abs -Great for weight loss. Steady cycling burns 300 calories an hour! -Bike riding is very heart healthy -Improves your mood -A low impact exercise that is easy on the joints -A healthy mode of transportation -You will feel it in your biceps -You get fresh air, see new sights and have a lot more fun than driving in a car - Environmentally friendly Try adding bicycling in to your lifestyle. First try cycling on the weekends. Pick a scenic trail and go for a leisurely ride for ... read full article


The Benefits Of Cycling

Tolstoy learned to ride a bike at 64 so I’ve still got a few years; But will it ever happen? Probably not…. though I’d love to learn to ride a bike and feel the wind in my hair – or doesn’t that happen with helmets these days?

Regardless, thinking about bikes brings me to the topic of public bikes. These are available in many countries now, and are something I would love to see in New Zealand – for tourists and residents alike.

In Copenhagen, for instance, there are 1,300 bikes available. You pay a small deposit and just take one. You can ride for as long as you like provided you stay within the city boundaries. There are over 100 stands where you can leave you bike when you have finished with it. The bikes are clearly recognisable with big disks on the wheels so apparently don’t get stolen very often.

In Toronto, in May this year, over 1,000 bikes were introduced for city commuters’ use. The system is slightly different from Copenhagen. Here you pay a deposit and can use the bike for up to two hours. Within this period, you can return it to any of the city’s stands and/or exchange it for another bike. If you want to keep the bike for a longer period without exchanging it, then a small fee is charged.

I think it’s a brilliant idea. The fees apparently go towards fixing bikes and replacing any that get vandalised.

Here is a photo I took in Toronto showing a public bike stand where you can pick up or drop off a bike.

Wice: re the pay for an hour bike thing - interestingly such an idea has been in Auckland city for a while. You txt and get a lock number in return. As far as I know it's only in and around the central city. Also I don't know cost etc as I have my own bike to get around on.
Love the idea - all we have to do now is educate the drivers about bikes. getting on my bike gave my a whole new appreciation as a driver:-0

That's interesting. I'm don't get to Auckland very much and am always in my car if I do. I hadn't heard of hire bikes there. Glad they are giving it a go although I imagine cycling in Auckland would be quite hard with all the hills.


This makes me feel a little better... haha i always feel like im taking the lazy option at the gym when im on the bike... but sometime i just feel like being on the bike not running!!!


I just love cycling and am pretty much dependent on my bike to get me most places; uni, work, errands and fun times. I don't have a driver's license and public transportation can be a little unreliable at times, not to mention there are no buses going my way after 10:30pm). Since my hometown is (mostly) flat so it's not too strenuous to get around that way and is often quicker than using the bus. However, it does annoy me that some places I do go to around town don't have bike stands within a reasonable distance.

I often end up racing my friends and on more than one occasion, we've ended up going much further than we had intended because we didn't notice where we were headed and ended up on the way to Sumner (about a 60 km round trip).

I generally clock between 100-200 kms a week on the bike though recently I've been doing much less after I injured my shoulder in a crash (and have since switched to a large MTB from my dad until I can acquire a replacement for my trashed bike that suits me).


I have to start getting back into cycling use to love it...need to make more of an effort instead of without thinking take the car everywhere

and you can be all clever and think of the environment by doing it aswell =P


You have to be careful with cycling like anything else. The husband of a good friend of mine used to work out on an exercycle. One day he pushed it too hard and had fatal heart attack. It was a real shock to everyone as we all thought he was quite fit.

what was it about the exercycle that did it though? would it have happened on any other machene if he had also been pushing himself too hard?>


Would probably have happened on a rowing machine or any other exercise machine. The poor fellow had been playing golf earlier in the day and was quite fit but the verdict was that he had pushed himself too hard physically at the time. He was alone at the time and his wife found him. Was only in his early forties.


yer thats always unfortunate... but i dont think it should deter poeple from cycling.. or exercise... just have to be wary of your limits...


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