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The secret is crushed almonds in the paste. They lend the curry a lovely mild nuttiness, and also a little bit of crunch here and there. I loved it, and thoroughly enjoyed the leftovers too. The Ingredients 1 packet of green curry paste (yes, cheating)handful of fresh basil leaves1/3 cup of flaked almonds1/2 cup of coconut milk15 large raw prawns, shelled and rinsed20 or so green beans1 red onion, finely sliced1 clove of garlic, finely chopped1 nugget of ginger, finely chopped1 limeSesame oil, Olive oil   The Method Yes yes I'm CHEATING by using bought curry paste. However, I added a couple of things to the paste that really made it sing, and... read full article


Thai Green Curry with Basil & Almond

Looks nom nom! However, i'd replace the prawns with tempeh for a veggie option!


Wonderful recipe, Iv always loved Thai food and this is such an easy/fast recipe too. Might try this out tonight. Thankyou.


Hahaha, when "cheating" pays off! This is my kind of style - buying a recipe paste and adding to it...quick and (hopefully) foolproof. I love the addition of the basil leaves and the sesame oil too - sounds delish!


I love a good curry, and this looks delicious. However, I might have to give a go when my other half is away for the night...last time I cooked a Thai Green Curry, he couldn't stand the smell and disappeared for a few hours (to get fish & chips for dinner instead).


I've been making green curries for a while now, and yes I cheat too. But some of the pastes are really good. And it's amazing how cheap they are to make compared to restaurant prices. Actually the only real problem with making great food like this is it makes me want to stay home for dinner rather than go out!


I think you all will be proud of me! I have just returned from grocery shopping with some of the ingredients for the Thai Curry. I am not very adventurous with my cooking - its usually hearty, family favourites like roast, cottage pie, macaroni cheese etc. I have branched out and added things like quiche and a noodle/meatball soup that I found in the Healthy Food Guide, but I need to further spread my wings. So I bought coconut milk tonight. Now, I am not saying that it will be used within the next year but at least I will see it in the cupboard and hopefully, one day, my son will see it and decide to make the curry. That way, I will have to eat it all despite my prudish upbringing!!

Let us know how you go Leelee, this looks incredible


I used to live in Thailand and adding almonds to a Thai curry is definitely "Fusion cuisine" Good on you! The only ingrediant that you probably needed to add to get the right Thai mix of sweet, sour, salty and spicy was Fish Sauce. It smells and bit pongy but really adds that salty oomph that a good Thai curry needs - yum!!!


Thai curry is great--so much flavor and not much fat! It's a great hit on the tastebuds, and the lime/lemon flavors really give it a kick.


fantastic another recipe to add to my collection and try out on my willing subjects...I mean family


Thanks for posting a recipe for a thai green curry :)! I am huge fan of thai food and this recipe looks nice, quick and easy! I have a weird obsession with ginger - i love it in dishes! I would certainly add plenty more of it in the meal - so yum. I like it how you say its a 'QUICK CURRY'. I too like my beans slightly crisp and still 'alive'..this looks like a yummy as recipe. Thanks!


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