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No matter how positive your outlook on life is, we all get cranky once in a while. We live in a fast paced society. People are working longer hours, sleeping less and facing greater financial challenges then in their parent's generation. Luckily fitness is exceptionally beneficial to your mood. Being physical releases endorphins through the pituitary gland (sometimes referred to as "runners high") that will make you feel happy and give you a sense of well being for hours after exercise is completed. Here are ten exercises that will make you feel great: 1. Running. Nothing beats the freedom of running. To be able to cover so many miles with... read full article


Ten Activities To Improve Your Mood

Mood is definitely improved with exercise. I always find that I feel much better and more alive, when I have a spurt of getting out and getting active. It is not always easy to have the desire to exercise, when you are feeling low, but I give myself a talking to and make myself do it!!


I have to 100% agree on this article. I have recently had surgery and am not allowed to exercise for 6-8 weeks and wow has it affected my mood - grumpy grumpy! I never did anything strenuous before hand, just basic walks and jogs, a few kickboxing classes with friends and some swimming, it definitely helps with the mental health! I can't wait to get out for a walk in the fresh air and just relax - yes I think exercise helps you relax!!! and burns off that stress!


yes, i agree exercising, helps the mind and body feel better, when i cannot get out for my daily walk, i am not as perky, as when i do get out for my walk.


Hard physical exertion is the perfect antidote to the stresses of everyday life. Once those endorphins start flying around your body, you’ll soon experience a renewed sense of well-being. So much more preferable than any artificial stimulants, including alcohol.


Dancing is definitely a great exercise. It's fun (even at home by yourself - crank up that music!), burns calories and releases endorphins. What a great combination!


Fantastic advice! Get moving and release those endorphins. Sometimes when you are down, its easy to veg out and hibernate...that achieves nothing but make you even more grumpy. I have just bought Dance Central for our X-Box, 10 mins on that and I feel fantastic!


So does chocolate (could it be the chewing or the sucking?), scented baths (all that splashing and sniffing), grooving to music (yeh, yeh yeh), and flexing all those face muscles by smiling at random people - (though they may think you are batty)!


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this article was too helpful as some great tips were provided. It is not easy for people to Train themselves when such situations occur and they are looking for some help. Now I am a bit relaxed after reading this article.


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