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With the financial crisis forcing governments around the world to tighten their belts the call for welfare reform is growing stronger. In Australia, teenage parents could lose welfare payments as soon as six months after the birth of a child under a “tough love” scheme designed to prevent them getting stuck in a life of dependency. The quarantining of welfare - whereby 70 percent of a beneficiary’s income is used for food, housing, clothing, health care, and in the best interests... read full article


Tackling Welfare

I think it's good that we have benefits in place for people who do honestly need them and that single parents with young children have the chance to bring up thier children in the home. I do however think that once they are at a school age that these parents should be in at least part time work. There are too many people milking the system, I have heard of a few people who go off to the docters and say oh my back I cant possibly work, next thing thier on the benefit and playing rugby and drinking at the pub! The system needs to be reviewed so that it can weed out the ones that shouldnt be on it. As far as the dole, yes it is hard to find a job, but if people are sitting on the couch they are getting way too comfortable there and dont want to look for a job after awhile or they lose all self worth and get depressed and end up changing to the sickness benefit. What I beleive should be in place is as well as have the job search which you have to do there should also be 2-3 days out of the week where you have to do volunteer work for the community or for the council. Eg, cleaning up parks, planting, picking up rubbish along the roads/beaches. Or even helping the elderly like doing thier lawns. It would keep these people work fit and give them purpose, it may even help give them options for future employment or ideas for something to study in to get better qualifications.


I think the main reason why some people are long term beneficiaries is habit. It continues for such a long period that they lose self confidence and getting back into the work force can be too daunting. As well as it being easy - they get their pay check every week and get to live by their own rules - no boss telling you what to do all day or early morning starts.


I believe it's simply far too easy for long term beneficiaries to remain on a benefit and too easy to become accustomed to the lifestyle and the amount of money coming in per week. The number of those on benefits is so large that, like most things, they go unnoticed, it's too out of control. And what a shame, there has to be hundreds and hundreds of exceptional people stuck in that rut who could be amazing contributing members of the workforce. I really do think that those who have been on the dole for a long time should be expected to volunteer and contribute to society in some small way at least.


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