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Aristotle said the goal of all human activity should be happiness (including business). Smile at someone and they smile back. Same with yawning. You spread the word, fast, easy and simple. This is like joy, bring your customers joy, happiness, excitement. The best forms of word of mouth. If you bring someone happiness they will spread it and/or others will notice. iPods are sold on enjoyment, videos go viral because they make you laugh or cry, business referrals come from those that are happy with your service. Does your product genuinely make your customers happy? If not, it should. Spread a smile :) (you know you want to) read full article


Spread a smile

There are loads of myths about smiling vs frowning and the number of muscles each takes but if you are having an argument about it, here is an authority you can quote which appears more likely to be correct than most
It states that “counting only the muscles that make significant contributions… smiling takes one more muscle than frowning (12 vs 11)!”
There is quite blog on this page as well including quotes, songs and humour about smiling.

One of my favourite quotes about smiling is by Ashleigh Brilliant (absolutely love his books of potshots) and it says:
“KEEP SMILING! (but not so much that people begin to wonder if you are mentally unbalanced.)


I like to smile... so this one is easy for me!!


I hope that when I am in my 90s, all my wrinkles are smile wrinkles, not frown ones! I think they will be!


Sounds good to me :)


Welcome to the happiest place on Chelsey!

Wow...that's nearly too much smile!


Its true - smiles are infectious! Ive caught another!


One more smile for Christmas!


...I wonderful smile, always backs things nice.....is great to give and receive smiles throughout the day....good feeling....


awww how cute that monkey is thats a cheeky mischief grin...lol


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