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We're halfway through winter and it's pretty cold and miserable so the fabulous team at Spa Ayurda have come to the party with another fabulous Shirodhara treatment for a lucky winner. Discover the best of this ancient health science with Ponsonby's Spa Ayurda and enter a realm where your body is our temple. Experience Ayurvedic massage treatments and facials like no other.  Spa Ayurda brings an entirely new dimension to the Auckland day spa experience using the ancient healing powers of Ayurveda to combat the stress and strain of modern lifestyles. Indulge in a synergy of gentle techniques and exotic ingredients, customised for... read full article


Spa Ayurda Shirodhara Treatment

another one?!? awesome!!! I love massages... but its the type of thing that unless someone gives it to you... or you win it... its not really an option because of the money!!


a massage would be great - good for the body and soul


I think there's something indulgent about a massage, that kind of makes you feel its "naughty" or over indulgent to buy yourself one, even though some of the deal sites have them really cheap - like its ok to treat yourself to a meal out for $40, but not a massage for $30! Thats why they make great gifts, or prizes - agree with you totally there Anna!


id love to win this for my partner, shes working really hard at work and is overloaded with work would be awesome to give her a gift like this.


I would like to try this treatment


I don’t know much about spa treatments. The only time I have experienced a spa treatment (as opposed to facials and massages) was at the amazing Empire Hotel in Brunei (see pic below. This shows the private swimming pool in the Presidential Suite – not my room.) The spa treatment lasted several hours and the person giving it, started at my toes and worked almost all my body (except the private bits). It was quite extraordinary once I let myself relax and go with the flow. Hubbie had a spa as well, but since this is a Muslim country, no contact between men and women was allowed and his ‘therapist’ was a man (something he found a bit odd Anyway since I can’t stop my curiosity, I had a look around to find out more about Ayurveda Shirodhara: According to Ayurveda, Shirodhara is the best treatment for diseases of the nervous system and emotional problems such as chronic depression and anxiety (panic) attacks. It is recommended for chronic headaches, migraines, ear, nose and throat problems, insomnia, depression, head tension, neck and shoulder pain, and nervous disorders. It is especially useful for pain management. The term "Shirodhara" literally translated means head (Sira) and continuous flow (Dhara). How does it work: A gentle, soothing therapy applied to the forehead using warm herbal oils and or milk to induce a deep relaxation creating a deep sense of calm and wellbeing. Best when combined with other treatments. 
Shirodhara stimulates the pineal gland which produces serotonin and melatonin. These hormones play an important role in our emotional balance, and melatonin is also known to have an anti-aging quality. (http://www.ayurasa.com.au/Treatments.html)

Wow that photo! I don't have much experience with spa treatments either, I'd like to change that at some point but feel a bit silly (and self conscious) doing it for myself.

Ayurveda, Shirodhara sounds very interesting. Thanks for the extra information. I'm off to read some more on it!

wouldnt it be amazing if you could do like a whole week of spa treatment things like they do on the movies!?!?!

Then you could really test out all the different treatments...

and drink lots of bubbly and have lots of girlie time!!

Mmmm yes! So much better with bubbly!


I've been looking at the Shirodhara treatments and Ayurveda massages on youtube, and they look sensational. Just watching the videos is relaxing!


i really really need this, aah!


The Spa Ayurda Shirodhara Treatment seems all in one treatment, I might get to see how wade remedial massage is actually doing with Ayurda Treatment, Will be waiting for more updates soon


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