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A WORLD WITHOUT BOTTLES SodaStream shows Kiwis how to enjoy fizz with less guilt We all know recycling is good for the planet, and us, so why isn’t the message getting through? On average, only 23% of plastics were recycled in New Zealand over recent years. More worryingly, approximately 252,000 tonnes of plastic waste appears in landfills across the country every year.  To tackle this head on, SodaStream will be out and about across New Zealand this summer to help show Kiwis how many bottles end up as landfill, and promote an alternative to the plastic bottle and aluminium can consumption that is on the rise globally. The SodaStream Cage,... read full article


SodaStream shows Kiwis how to enjoy fizz with less guilt

My Soda Stream machine must be at least fifteen years old. It has a big crack down the plastic front and I'm never too sure about what might lurk in its darker recesses! However, I still use it every day - often three of four times a day. I find flat water just that - flat; but I love soda water. It's a fabulous no-calorie beverage that I couldn't live without! Although I no longer bother with the flavour syrups, I have to admit they were useful when you ran out of Coke or Tonic and the kids loved making soft drinks. However, cordials also worked just as well, as did juice mixes. If you are making a batch of scones and want them to be extra light, use your SodaStream to make a cup of fizz rather than having to open a whole bottle. It's time I replaced my SodaStream machine because it now broken, ugly and maybe not all that hygenic. However, it would be the most used small appliance that I have. I thoroughly recommend getting one if you haven't already.


...gosh this brings back old memories....growing up as kid with one of those old style Soda Streams lol as kids we thought it was the greatest thing ever besides sliced bread....lol...but my parents loaned it out to one of our extended family (yes loaned it out)....lol and we never got it back....we were all upset about it too....loved mixing up drinks and especially hearing the gas noises from the soda stream maker of cause....lol....good luck to who ever wins this....am sure you will enjoy it immensely......great prize Chelsey.....


This would be an awesome prize I used to have one years ago but got rid of it. It was the old white type not very nice looking. This one looks really stylish would love to win this.


Good to hear Soda-stream is addressing some issue on the environment. A nice classy prize


I have not had a soda-stream in years! i would sure save be buying fizzy water and clogging up the environment!


....I don't know who would have the most fun....Making fizzy pop me or the kids....!!


My soda stream is quite old. I'd love a new one. Soda water is just the best. And during the summer, my girls love having something fresh from the soda stream.


I have been looking for a new Soda Stream for some time now. I use to have one as a kid and loved it! It would be fantastic if I could get one this summer... delicious![youtube]=[/youtube]


This is totally gorgeous!!


Oh bring back the soda stream days!!! Woo hoooooo

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