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I, Emily Duffield, am an addict. To something more addictive than heroine, and more accessible than Tiger Wood's pants. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am addicted to sugar. My love affair with sugar has been a long and sweet one (touché), and like all addictions since my first hit as a child, sugar has been with me through the good and bad times, birthdays and breakups, celebrations and humiliations; sugar has long been a friend of mine. Hell, who am I kidding; more then a friend it’s been staple in every meal and every snack I’ve had for the past 25 years. But as of the night of Friday the 19th October I decided that sugar and I are... read full article


See you later, sugar!

I too have recently just changed my diet (wedding in four months - pretty awesome motivation). Sugar has to be the hardest thing for me to change.

Few weeks in and I am already feeling less inclined to use the back streets around the city to avoid the enticing smell of the Mrs Higgins cookies. Eating but a few chocolates, feeling sick and stopping is now my forte.

A new found energy is definitely driving me to keep a handle on the amount of sugar within my present and future diet!


I also have an addiction to sugar!
In addition to my general lack of willpower, I blame the food I was given to eat when I was a child. My dad was a diabetic, and so just about everything we had was sugar-free and tasted like cardboard! Since my sisters and I left home, we have all gone sugar crazy (mostly in the form of chocolate!!)


don't think i could ever give up sugar!


I say good on ya! I agree it's so much more addictive and legal than other drugs and we even treat our kids with it! My daughter has an amazing reaction is 5 minutes after eating foods with a moderate to high sugar content. She is totally out of control, yelling, physically and verbally aggressive so I have put her on a low GI eating plan and have reaped the benefits. I know health wise it is better for her as well. The rest of the family including myself have also eliminated sugar as much as possible to support her and to become healthier. We still have little treats but they are very few and far between. My husband and I find it quite hard (he is a huge offender of lolls and chocolate!) especially after dinner. Like you breaking the habit associated with sugar is hard as I now realize when things were getting me down or work was stressing me out, sugar made things seem better. Now I know that it was harming me rather than helping me. I still struggle to over come the taste - especially for chocolate but I try! All the best :)


I Have given up sugar and the outcome is amazing i am loosing weight and i feel so much more energetic and awake its definately worth not having sugar!


Inspirational, a shame I lack in self-control when it comes to anything sweet, I will try and see how long I last, most likely until tomorrow as Halloween approches, my children are most likely to find their way around the relatives scrounching for there suger fix also, doesn't help I won the Pascal and Cadbury prize, will have to make sure I give it all away to the kids dressed as monsters, superheros and fairies, if I can get through tomorrow without eating one sweet thing, I think I could finally say Ive mastered some self control and keep going, however I would still eat items with sugar in it, like tomato sauce, bread etc.. just not the actual lollies, chocolate, cakes, biscuits and drinks, things that you know, just by looking at it that its sugar loaded....will see how I go.


So interesting. Sugar is definitely addictive. Over the years I have had long (up to a year) breaks where I have decided to cut sugar from my diet. The weight has fallen off me and I always feel so much better. But then something will happen in my life and I will turn once again to sugar. Believe me this is not a good thing, I get grumpy, weight gain, lethargic and just all round feel yuck. I'm sure a sugar addiction is just as bad as any other addiction. The only way I could stop forever is to STOP FOREVER. But it is not easy!!


I dunno! Everything in moderation, I say. Sugar just seems to be the newest diet fad & I hate diet fads.


Well, I can say I definitely didn't make it past Halloween, yes the temptation was much to great lol, however I have noticed I've been a lot healthier in the last couple of days and hope to keep it up


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