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Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson reinvigorated the horror landscape back in 1996 with Scream; a part-scary and part-satirical postmodern commentary on slasher films featuring a handful of characters well-versed in pop culture and the “rules” of horror movies who wind up in their own slasher. After a solid sequel and a disappointing third instalment, Scream 4 thankfully continues the franchise in style. Benefitting from a whip-smart, savvy screenplay by Kevin Williamson (with uncredited rewrites by Ehren Kruger), Scream 4 is as much as reinvention of the once again worn-out slasher genre as the... read full article


Scream 4

I must say this is a pretty awesome movie talking about screaming I would recommend anyone to see this !


I loved the first movie, and the second and agree the third was a bit "huh?!?", haven't seen this one yet but am so looking forward to it even if my dh isn't.


I've hesitated seeing Scream 4, probably because Scream 3 was such a disappointment. You say it takes a few jabs at torture porn films. I really hated Hostel. It not only scared me, but it made me feel sick. Of course I recovered and Hostel 2 had no effect on me at all. It would be good to see a little toture going on in Scream 4, and this may be the reason for me to go and see it (that, and the fact that Reading Cinemas have it for $9 this week).


Ooooooooooooh too scary for me !!!!!!!!!


I didnt read your review as I'll definetely end up seeing it at some stage, so I dont want to ruin it. Personally I liked the first one (as a 15 year old though), and didnt like the sequels at all....im not expecting much from this


I liked the first one and that was about it :) Was is it about sequels they are never as good.


Still haven't seen it but I enjoyed all of the others.


Definitely have to have the right sense of humour for this kind of movie! Its great!


I remember seeing the first couple when I was younger with my friends. Was great to scare ourselves with. But the first two is more than enough I think!


A lot of people have said that this is a bit of a let down. I have to disagree. It was about time they had a follow up from the third :)


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