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Makeup Me Re-invent Yourself Makeup Me is a range of mineral and non-mineral products; designed especially for the New Zealand woman and our own unique environment.  This beautiful range of makeup has been specifically selected to enhance each woman’s own unique beauty. We have a Makeup Me voucher to value of $500 to giveaway!! You could be into win this amazing prize by simply signing up to the Chelsey newsletter, or by becoming our fan on Facebook! Don't worry, if you are already subscribed to the newsletter of a fan of Chelsey on Facebook you are in the draw too!  Makeup Me is available at selected Salons and Beauty... read full article


Reinvent Yourself with Makeup Me

I like the miracle worker bit :)


It's always really interesting to discover new NZ products and when I read about 'Makeup Me" I was intrigued to find out more about who produces this. I wasn't able to discover a lot except that the owner is Claire Sullivan who has had the business since 2009. (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/claire-sullivan/24/ba6/659) The range sounds great but again, despite wading through pages of Google results, I wasn't able to find anywhere I could look at it or buy it, or any testimonials from users.


Silly me... the salons where you can get it are listed above!


lol Wice. Nice to see some places that are out of Akld! Thanks Chelsey


I'd be interested in hearing how people find this range. I have to be really careful with my skin, so it's possible it would work for me. No stockist near me yet! Maybe that will change though...


Same KH. I have learnt to test a patch on my arm first as I've had terrible reactions to some things and had to hide away untill the blotches go.


as of yet... i dont even own concealer or foundation haha!!

...me and you both Anna I think the only one I have used most is the lippy...have used mascara twice...and that's about it really.......


Doesn't it make you wonder, when you see so many, many different brands of makeup - how do all those people who need make-up as part of their jobs (actors, models, etc.) cope with having random mukeup applied every day? It's no wonder that we see paarazzi images of celebrities without any makeup on their days off! I feel sorry for them.


wow this looks like gorgeous makeup would it cover bad hormonal pigmentation my skin is embarrassing even with makeup on my doctor calls it a butterfly mask yucky


Make up designed for our condidtions? That sounds a little too good to be true. But then again, using mineral and non mineral compounds would be the answer. NZ conditions are extreme, considering I sat in the sun for 15 minutes and ended up as a beetroot! (Photo to come tomorrow)

lol i was like the the otehr day.. sat with just one side of my face towards the sun... after 5 mins my face was turning red on one side... quickly went and go more suncream and a hat!!

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