Discussing :: PS3's Wonderbook Book of Spells

Begin training in the Hogwarts library and learn, practice and cast spells such as Incendio, Wingardium Leviosa and Expelliarmus with PlayStation’s first Wonderbook™ title – Book of Spells. Thanks to our good friends at PlayStation NZ we’re giving away two copies of Wonderbook™ Book of Spells.To enter to win, all you need to do is comment below! Easy, right? Just make sure you check out Chelsey's newsletter next week to see if you are a winner and claim your prize! read full article


PS3's Wonderbook Book of Spells

Should be good for our girls even though we don't have a black cat. But l suppose a few spell could fix that.


this looks amusing enough for a nerdy night in! lol


well i have the black cat jaded, but yes this looks awesome, would love to win this to put under the xmas wish tree at kmart, fingers crossed.


Could be good for a laugh!


Would be nice to have a 'spell' from housework & other chores........ Abra-cardabbra......... spoof .......''only smoke''...... burnt tea again!


The art of spell-casting would amuse and entertain my kids for hours. I've posted a photo to show you that the magic of wizardry is alive at our place!


Neat... I'm a HP fan!


This looks AMAZING! I've been such a Harry Potter geek for ages, memorising spells, up to the early mornings waiting to hear the announcement and beta sign up for Pottermore. Haha! I watched the live stream of E3 and was so excited that more great work from JK Rowling was coming out and in the form of a PS3 interactive game. Magical, just magical!


I bet this is heaps of fun but I'll have to win a Playstation first! Good luck everyone :-)


Ahhhh Magic! I would love to say that my Harry Potter loving son would play this game 'til the cows come home but his game-loving mum would probably play this more during her 7-week holidays. To be fair though, this will be her exercise for the summer and probably her son's as they are both redheads and can't spend too much time in the sun.


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