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With some great winter events coming up, like Ohakune’s Mardi Gras 2013, happening Saturday June 29, staying in contact with friends is important. In fact, 92% of us bring our smartphones to events. I can only assume the other 8% haven’t jumped on the smartphone bandwagon… yet!  Most of us take our phones wherever we go – if they aren’t glued to our hand, they’re always nearby. But keeping your phone close doesn’t always mean that it’s safe. Nearly a third of us don’t have a password lock on our smartphone, and over a third of us don’t take any precaution at all to protect our smartphones. To... read full article


Protecting your smartphone at winter events

Wow this would be great, protection on our mobile phones... and with Norton, surely and truly protected.. it has been our protection on our PC and laptops for years and years and we are very happy with Norton... and the games, gladly would welcome them for safe fun on our gadgets... Cheers!


I once lost my phone at a music festival a few years ago, I was devastated. I would love anything that would protect my phone.


Sounds like we all need to take more care of our phones in all precautions as we never know what strikes, to lose my phone isint the end of all as it can be replaced but its all the apps and data thats stored on it that makes all he difference!!


anything that protects your phone sounds good to me


Nearly lost my phone once. Then I remembered where I had left it and went back and luckily it was still there. Thanks to the staff.


My favourite phone of all time was the basic Nokia 1100. No internet, no camera. When I was 8 months pregnant, I was sitting on a park bench, put the phone down beside me to do something and someone swiped it off the seat. I loved that phone, still miss it!


Haven't lost any of my phones yet...touch wood!


Wow - this article has certainly give me food for thought! I had never thought about the dangers out there in terms of privacy and spam. Thank you for the advice!


I am still bitter about losing two cellphones. I went out clubbing and didn't have enough room in my pockets for my phones (I had 2 at that time) so I left them in the car under the seat. Well my car got stolen (and used in a ram raid at a chemist!!) and of course they stole both of my phones. They weren't expensive flash ones but they were mine and I was gutted to lose them. I've recently upgraded to a smartphone and am super vigiliant about keeping it safe. It's sad to see what can happen to them


This article is a good wake-up call! I am fastidious about virus protection on my PC, and hadn't paid much thought to protecting my phone up until now! A complete oversight!! My best (worst) phone loss story is the time my phone went for a swim - jumping out of my pocket and into the Orewa estuary :-(


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