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Win a double pass to see Paranormal 3 Young sisters Katie and Kristi befriend an invisible entity haunting their home. This creepy supernatural thriller is the prequel to the terrifying Paranormal movies 1 and 2, and will escalate your fears far beyond what you could anticipate. See where it all began. In cinemas October 20. Chelsey has 5 double passes to giveaway. To enter, let us know if you have seen either Paranormal 1 or 2!   COMPETITION CLOSED Winners: KH(sitjess_stay), Missmags, Rach(rachel-stuart), jkt(jessicakatetweed) & Crystal(garchow) read full article


Paranormal Activity 3 Giveaway

Anyone seen any of these movies?

Saw them both

I have seen the first one, wow what a movie, I love been scared silly, but must admit I had to keep a light on for the night :-)

Seen both and will recommend seeing the 3rd with out a doubt?


Yes, the first one. Not as scary as people made it out to be, but a decent movie.


i havnt... mit seemed like another blare witch... dumb thing to me... was it like that with bad cameras and stuff or actually good...?


Some people get really scared by this sort of thing, others not. I think its the unknown that can be quite frightening. When I saw the first movie I wasn't scared cause it 'looked real'. I'm just not so keen on the unknown. HAHA. Good movie though. Besides the shaking of the camera, causing me to become extremely nauseated. I enjoy scary movies!!!!!! (as long as I have my boyfriend with me) :)


Haven't been to either as hubby hates this sort of stuff. Once stayed in an old Tudor manor house in the UK which was featured in "Britain's Most Haunted Homes' Our host played us the video before we went to bed and for the first and only time in years and years hubby didn't venture to the bathroom for the whole night! :D Went on a cool 'ghost tour' one night in Toronto. Was really great as the guide told us what had happened along with possible scientific explanations and then left it up to us to decide what we thought. He took a survey of believers and non-believers at the beginning and end of the tour and despite his possible explanations, the number of believers increased considerably.



I went to the first one - all excited as I love horror films. Unfortunately forgot my tendancy to get completely nauseous with 'handheld' type films - spent most of the time looking at the walls. Learnt from that - now i watch these 'shaky' movies at home where I can pause every ten minutes and recouperate!!


My daughter has seen them and can't wait for the new one, me, on the other hand, would have nightmares for weeks, lol, but would like tickets for my daughter, save me some dosh, freeloading teens, lmao.


yea ive seen and love both!! they are soo scary because their so realistic!!!


I really loved both previous movies as although i am a scaredy cat i could tolerate this level of horror.


Absolutely seen both. Love scary movies.

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