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With the launch of our forums on Chelsey.co.nz and our brother site Getfrank.co.nz we've teamed up with LG to giveaway over $10,000 worth of LG electronics! The goal is to create an online community for like-minded kiwis to ask questions, share tips, support, inspiration and entertainment. As with any community to kick things off we're looking for a set of trailblazers to shape the culture and style of these forums and in return we've got the following on offer;        1st >>   47” Cinema 3D Smart TV LW6500 $2,999      2nd >>   42” Smart TV LV5500... read full article


Over $10,000 of LG Electronics to Giveaway

OMG wow that's awesome! What amazing prizes!!

What a clever way to encourage people to itneract and become part of the sites. Great prizes so thanks; I'll certainly be doing my bit and keeping my fingers crossed.




thank god for your comment on spamming with valueless posts to get stats up! what great prizes.

Wow, awesum prizes luv the smart phone and the huge T.V


wicked, count me in

Sorry, just had to comment....LOVE BILLY!!! I'm definitely keen on one of those prizes too!


Yay I be giving this a go! I'm sure I wont have a chance as I have 3 kids and cant sit on the computer!! but hey good luck to all!!


What a great idea! Those smartphones are really good too!


to win a new Tele would be a relief for me as mine will not work after next year when we go digital and noway can I afford to buy one myself

Hi Pete,
I thought exactly the same thing but all tvs will go digital all you need to do is purchase a box like a freeview box. You can go to www.goingdigital.co.nz to find out more. The cost of the box is about $100 i think maybe even less.
Hope this helps you and good luck with your entry.

Hi Pete, re your post, I know the feeling & we are not alone, The government havent given enough thought to their decission. Just cause they make a way too much $$$ for the crap choices they make for the rest of us doesnt make them correct decissions! they are forgetting that for many low income families they will be taking away the ability to afford TV viewing, something as Kiwis we have grown up acustomed to for generations and therefore will be subjecting low income kids to feeling inadequate if the parents/family cannot afford.... I dont think they understand the full negitative effects their decission willl cause, or is it because they are "sitting pretty" they just dont care!!!!


Fantastic rewards, Good luck all that participate :)


LG = Life's Good',....... with these prizes, they surely would stand for 'Life is Grand'.....


Fantastic Rewards - I am a positive thinker and I am putting out to the universe to be a Big Winner - I so need a new TV - have an old non digital - sigh. Win Win - pick me,

Absolutely fab prizes OMG would be just the best to win anything from LG and as you say having a modern digital hd and everything else tv would really be huge. My tvs (actually my daughter left for me when she moved towns) over ten years old and I have neither freeview or sky. Am glad for the chance to win.

Hi Gladys, I also was under the impression i needed to get a new tv to be able to go digital however i was told otherwise so I called the freephone number and was told that any tv can go digital but may need a UHF Aerial and a set top box or a satellite dish and satellite set top box. It is very easy to find out what you need by going to the following web site www.goingdigital.co.nz. Good luck with the competition though and hope this helped you out.

Yes it is true LG will make life more interesting. So do I need a new TV such a good prize to win.

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