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Industrial Design is so often thought of as a mans domain so here at Chelsey we were delighted to get hold of some fab projects from a bunch of very creative ladies who are showing the men how it's done.The latest class of Industrial Design students has finished their fourth and final year at Massey University and have showcased their latest creations. Encouraged to think innovatively and to utilise creative applications of new technology to meet the social, cultural, economic and the environmental needs of existing and future societies, the class came up with a wide variety of designs and applications.Share Designed by Alissa Richardson, Share has a... read full article


Massey Industrial Design Girls - solving our problems with design

I like the idea of the Hush Hush, especially for day care centres. It would give a child thier own space and it's probably quite cozzy too.


LOL, I'm not sure the clinical colours of white with red stripes could give the impression of 'warm and inviting'. Traditionally a padded seat does the job. I'm not sure why that wasn't included. The Fresa strawberry picking machine, on the other hand, sounds like a real marvel. Now that's a great use of technology, to consider the feedback on how soft the fruit is in order to pick it up gently. Computers may never fully think like humans, but there is a lot of room for them to at least grow to imitate us.


what clever, clever girls!!


I'm loving the snazzy looking Incirca! Lugging around 2 bags when travelling is such a pain - you're forever having to put one down on the ground to retrieve a passport, your wallet, a boarding pass, your wallet again etc! This is a great solution to that problem also.


All amazing ideas. Takes girl-power to really think outside the box, eh! I'm loving the Incirca too - right down to the colour-scheme. I think the Share chair/table sets would be great in hospital visiting rooms too. Table handy for all kinds of need-at-arms-length items and the chair really does look comfy!


Incirca is fab and nt only practical it looks stylish as well


Now all we need is an invention to get the guys to do the housework and our lives will be complete!


Go the ladies!!! What great creations practical and look good as well.


These are brilliant


Yay go the ladies I studied engineering for a year and half (before failing and becoming a photographer...haha) and it was always a battle being a female to prove myself and that I was just as good as the guys so this is sooo great to see!


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