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New from Martin Hawes - The Money Map Create your personal wealth plan and achieve financial freedom. Money is important to all of us no matter our age or financial situation, but how do we best manage what we earn, what we spend and what we own? By taking charge, deciding where we want to be in 5, 10 or 20 years’ time and by using the right map. In The Money Map, leading wealth coach and investment expert Martin Hawes presents his six-step process to creating a financial plan: evaluating your current position, establishing goals for your future, setting figures to those goals, creating a budget to manage your income... read full article


Martin Hawes - "The Money Map" Book Giveaway

Wealth coach and investment advisers are important in ones financial affairs thats for sure as money is hard to come by. Not everybody is as fortunate to meet a 'sugar daddy' like Anna Nicole Smith.....and even then she stuffed up......... she should have got advice.


I have tried many "schemes" and lost a significant amount of money. It is obvious that I heed a coach.


well, we all strive for more money, but this would be a helping hand, especially here in christchurch where money is tight and life is not the same.


I am into shares and investments, so this book might come in real handy.


Finance and savings are important for all ages


In todays Modern times a book like this could save you more than money, it could also help protect your families future.


The best thing I was ever told to do when I was young was to put a percentage of you pay directly into savings automatically each pay day. When it comes out on payday you dont even notice thats its gone and it soon adds up.


im no good at saving... shares... anything to do with money!!


I'm not good at saving either. Might need to have a chat to someone who understands investments and all that kinda stuff :)


I'm really good with my money. Just wish I had a little more of it to be careful with!


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