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Most people reading this will have a to-do program, or a paper list or text file, listing not only projects and tasks but separate lists for home and work and possibly half a dozen different contexts. Those who don’t have a to-do list probably feel they should, because they’re swamped and feeling overwhelmed. I’m here to suggest: kill your to-do list. It sucks up your time, and drains your motivation. Those who have to-do lists usually manage them constantly, or if they don’t they fall into disuse and get dusty and become worthless, while the person who’s fallen behind in maintaining the list feels constantly guilty. For... read full article


Kill Your To-Do List

Life is too short,so to stay stressfree & beautiful make the most of every moment and kill your to-do list. although there is the 'bucket-list', another topic, which endorses to take timeout, to cherish


This is a whole new way to look at things - not sure yet, but will put considering the ONE thing on my to do list!!


I really like the photo with this article - that is an inspirational todo list!


I'm one of those have-to-write-a-list-for-everything people so I would find this very difficult!


I couldn't scrap my to do list. If I did, nothing would get done!


i forget stuff it i dont have a to do list!! esp during uni time....

That’s an impressive list. I hope that you fulfill your bucket list at your expected time because to get everything in life isn’t that easy. Academic Help


What is the difference between having a to-do list in your head and one on a piece of paper? Living in the real world, the satisfaction that you have done what needs to be done, that you can cope, a record that you have made progress!

For some lists are essential companions. People do have responsibilities to both themselves and others and the only way to manage these responsibilities for most is to write down reminders. It is too easy for a busy person to miss something important which has to be done. How would we keep appointments, shop for recipes, get everyone Christmas presents without lists. Lists help you to succeed.

This article really bothers me. For starters, I was somewhat surprised by what was written in the image accompanying this article. No wonder this person doesn’t think they needed lists. Almost all it shows is wafty, vague ideas. There is almost nothing concrete to do and the writer clearly has no one to think about but himself or herself. This list could be far more practical and useful – a real help in accomplishing things and achieving goals. For example, something like “Eat well” could be replaced by “Eat three servings of vegetables a day. ”

Also, what idealist luxury to be able to decide what ONE thing you are going to do on any day. Most of us do not live in such a world. The “but.. but…” part of the article comes slightly more down to earth. It says “make a list, but let it just be a reminder.” However, no matter what the semantics – ‘reminder’ or ‘to-do-list’ makes little difference. It’s not a matter of feeling safe with or without a list. Of course we all know the big things we have to do. The author says, “If we are writers, we know we want to write”. Sometimes there simply isn’t the time or motivation. Lists help prioritise and fit things in. They reduce stress. They create incentive and satisfaction.

It is the last paragraph to which I particularly take exception. It seems like the ultimate excuse for self-indulgence. It’s like, for example, saying to all the passionate TV couch potatoes, “Just lie there watching all those reality shows you love so much. They are your passion. Forget about everyone but yourself and shut your eyes to the rest of the world.”

So… In your head a list is fuzzy. Ideas are often undefined and seem endless, daunting, and impossible. The bouncing ideas cause stress because there is uncertainty. One idea pops up, another fights for its place. Nothing is set hard. On paper, ideas become simple, concrete - not nearly as troubling when seen in black and white.

It's a fantastic feeling of accomplishment to tick things off a list. To see that you have achieved – especially the nasty ones like ringing the dentist for an appointment. You have sense of control. A list gives you motivation to act whereas something in your head is simply a floating idea that you can push to one side and block out.

Lists are a human invention, which continue because they help humans.

Brilliant - thank you wice!


There's the Xmas lists, then after, New Year resolutions come to mind.... life is full of them!


I am a list freak I admit it but it has always worked with me and it is a good reminded to me on what I have to do especially when I forget certain meetings etc. I Couldn't do without them to be honest both in my professional and personal life


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