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Julianne Taylor chats about the Paleo diet and appetite control. What is your background? I’ve always had an interest in preventative health and nutrition and my first career was nursing. But then I became disillusioned with it and decided to go to design. Later I was introduced to Zone diet. I became interested in it because it emphasised a connection between health issues like autoimmunity (gluten-sensitivity), diabetes, hypoglycemia, joint inflammation and PMS and nutrition. As I was on Zone diet, I experienced a weight loss, a decrease in my blood sugar level, and my appetite was under control. Eventually I went back to university to do a... read full article


Interview: Julianne Taylor

I do wonder how much our eating habits are more dependent on our emotional responses to stress, boredom, fatigue, anger, depression rather than just on our genetic makeup. Rather than just having a food diary of what you eat, it is even more revealing to have a diary of how you are feeling when you eat e.g. 'had a frustrating time trying to get homework done with child. Ate a chocolate biscuit afterwards-felt better.' There are so many emotions associated with eating that I think this is one way of sorting out eating problems and getting onto the healthy eating road says she who just ate some white chocolate buttons because she was feeling overwhelmed by a task that she has to do for work!


No paleo diet for me, thanks...:D


I always love to read about new diets and ways to improve your eating habits. While the Paleo way has some interesting concepts, I don't think I will be trying it. An interesting article though!


An interesting kind of diet. I can never stick to any though. :P


Yeah, it sounds like a tricky diet. Colourful plants I can do. Liver, no way!


I like the fact that she says your choices will depend on how far you want to go with it and what you want to be strict about. The kinds of diets where there is no deviation allowed just do not suit my personality. I know food is not supposed to be a reward but it's OK to be a little but "naughty" sometimes.

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