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Fiona Paterson is not your regular girl in her twenties. She is one of New Zealand’s elite rowers and is training for the 2012 Olympics in London. She was also diagnosed with cervical cancer at just 23 and survived to share her story with other women.   Fiona is an ambassador for the New Zealand Gynaecological Cancer Foundation. In New Zealand, 987 women will be diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer every year. Yet many women are not aware of the symptoms or feel too embarrassed to talk to their doctor if they have any concerns. Fiona has recently starred in a DVD to educate women on the four main types of gynaecological cancers –... read full article


Interview: Fiona Paterson

I hope all Chelsey women read this interview. I am the world's worst when it comes to looking after my health but every time I read something like this, it pushes me that little bit more to take care of myself. Good luck to Fiona too. Hope she gets that seat. I knew nothing about her or the rowing team before. but now I have someone to look out for at the Olympics and will be cheering her on!


I try to be healthy, but your body can have it's own way of tripping you up. Fiona was obviously fit and young but a disease can hit anyone at anytime. Always reminds me to be grateful for my health. My Mum died of breast cancer and she was a very clean living woman, but had some stress in her lifetime, so I am also a big believer in trying to stay stressfree.


always go for regular smear tests. always


what a great testimony


This is such a wonderful interview. I am a 21 year old female and to be honest, the thought never crossed my mind that something like this could happen at my age. I make sure I get regular check ups, although I have never really thought much of them. Thanks to stories like this it helps women like me to keep myself healthy and look after my body, realising what consequences that can actually arise from neglecting to look after myself!


...to be honest I didn't really know who Fiona was but this article is inspiring I always make sure to go for my check ups and have tried to be healthy and exercise regularly...wasn't always like that especially being at Uni student life can be terrible on one's health and well being...lol...but I am glad to say now my life is definitely more healthy and wonderful....and I always try to never forget about me...most of the time...even when doing things for others.....


Gosh that was young to go through something like that! You hear of it happening every now and then but it's still a shock to hear about it. Makes you realise that you do need to look after yourself, even in your 20's.


Wow, what an amazing young woman!


We all need to look after and listen to our bodies, that is how my uterine cancer was detected early. Five weeks after diagnosis was a hysterectomy followed by 27 radiation treatments. I am one of the lucky ones with fantastic recovery and minimal side effects from radiation. My specialists are very pleased. I am convinced the fact I was fit and healthy prior to surgery has been of great benefit - I am sure Fiona would agree

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