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This Gillette/Venus/Olay combined product has two thick moisture bars above and below the actual razor, that help the blades glide across your skin, for a close, smooth shave. The head swivels too, making the knees easy to shave, and I didn't get one little knick. What was disappointing however, was the lastability of the moisture bars. After four or five uses the moisture bars began to crumber, rendering the razor useless, even though the blades were still sharp. If you are looking for a close shave for an important night out, then this razor is the one for you, but I wouldn't recommend it for every day use - it's special occasion shaving. For... read full article


Gillette Venus & Olay Razor Review

This sounds pretty darm good. Will definately be giving this a go.


I love this it looks so easy to hold and use.


I tried this razor for the first time this morning, so have some real feedback! The moisture bars smell divine, so shaving is a real sensory experience for the nose too! The razor glides over the skin really smoothly - so much so that I had to double check that it was actually cutting the hairs off! (You don't get that 'skin scraping' feeling that you do with some razors.) Highly recommend.


It's hard to find a decent razor, will try this one. Thanks


Razors for women (and men) seem to improve dramatically year-on-year. Gillette has been at the forefront of these innovations, and this is probably their best one yet. One small complaint - the price of these products, particularly replacement blades.


Ill be looking out for this razor, might give myself a treat!


Olay and Gillette. it surprises me what brands band together to make the perfect product. though, not the perfect there is, the product aims to ensure a pleasurable experience when shaving. so good bye ouchy scars!


I'd love to try this one!:)


I had the pleasure of using this razor and must say it is the best razor I have EVER used Gillette + Olay = the best combo, you are guaranteed to have a great shave and it moisturises as your using it! Perfect I say :)


I liked this razor but the comments are right it is a special occasion razor, the moisture strips dissapear way too fast but wow do they leave your skin soft!

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