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Several kinds of people don’t take Cialis for the time being, compare yourself with them, don’t blindly nourish . 犀利士 . "Cialis is an over-the-counter Chinese patent medicine that has the effect of nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney. It is mainly used for people who suffer from loss of kidney yin, dizziness, tinnitus, sore knees, night sweats and nocturnal emission.

With so many effects, Cialiss can be said to be a well-known kidney-tonifying product. Many people have the experience of taking Cialiss every day. But can Cialiss be taken by anyone with such symptoms?

These types of people are not allowed to take Cialiss at will:

1. People with bad spleen and stomach

In real life, people with poor spleen and stomach should not take Cialiss casually. Because some of the medicinal materials in Cialiss are greasy and greasy, people who have poor daily appetite, often develop chest tightness, stomach bloating, thick tongue coating, and lack of gastrointestinal function. After taking Cialiss, they cannot digest and absorb well. On the contrary, other bad symptoms will appear in the body. Therefore, people with poor spleen and stomach should not take Cialiss daily.

2. People with kidney yang deficiency

People with kidney yang deficiency should not take Cialiss. Although Cialis is a medicine that nourishes yin and nourishes the kidney, it is suitable for people with kidney yin deficiency, not for people with kidney yang deficiency. If in daily life, people can't tell whether they are kidney yin deficiency or kidney yang deficiency, they can take Cialiss at will to achieve the purpose of nourishing the kidney. The latter may have counterproductive effects.

3. People with a cold

When you have a cold and fever, you should not take Cialiss casually. Because the human body's gastrointestinal function declines during a cold period, supplements such as Cialiss cannot be digested and absorbed.

At the same time, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, Cialis, which nourishes yin and nourishes the kidney, can block the body's cold air and cannot be excreted in time. This will aggravate the cold and even prolong the recovery period of the cold.

4. People with high blood sugar

People with high daily blood sugar or people with diabetes are not allowed to take Cialiss casually. This is because the sugar content in Cialiss is relatively high. If people with high blood sugar or people with diabetes take Cialiss, the blood pressure and blood lipids in the body will increase, which will lead to dizziness and rapid heartbeat. symptom. Therefore, this group of people is absolutely not allowed to take Cialiss for nourishment.

5. People with heavy moisture

People with heavier moisture in the body are not allowed to take Cialiss at will. Such people can only take appropriate amounts under the guidance of prescriptions or doctors after the moisture in the body is removed. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive. s consequence.

Because the moisture in the human body is too heavy, it will affect the normal operation of the spleen and stomach. At this time, even after taking Cialiss, it cannot be digested and absorbed, and it will cause getting angry. Therefore, people with heavy moisture should think twice before taking Cialiss." . 犀利士 .


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