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HAPPY EGGS JOIN HAPPY BACON Freedom Farms Introduces Free Range Eggs From the people who brought you the first SPCA-approved bacon available in New Zealand comes the latest offering from Freedom Farms - free range eggs! There are only voluntary standards when it comes to labeling eggs ‘free range’ so there are several consistencies on defining what is truly free range. Freedom Farms focus on finding the REAL good free range chook farms, only putting these eggs in their boxes. This way you can be sure that you are buying free range eggs from the genuine good guys! And you don’t have to take their word for it – the SPCA has... read full article


I am itching to make some Scotch eggs again, and the fabulous yolks of free range eggs really do them justice. Mmmh Scotch eggs yummy!


Would love free eggs!


want :)


stop the facory farming eggs!


Yes please we always run outta eggs!


Love free range eggs, so much better, the colour flavour and overall look. Go Freedom Eggs and their freedom chooks.


We used to keep free range chooks so I know how amazing their eggs can be.Good on Freedom for growing great eggs from Happy chooks


Eggs are a favourite food of mine, so versatile!


What is life without an egg, so versatile, so tasty, just so yum.


I've always believed that the colour of an egg yolk depends on what the chicken eats and that a mixed diet of insects and feed gives the darkest, most orange coloured yolks. I don't know what Freedom Farm chickens eat, but they produce gorgeous vibrant egg yolks which look like golden sunsets. The taste reflects this - much more flavour than those watery pale yellow yolks. ...and some egg trivia from when I took the kids on a school trip to a chicken farm: - Brown eggs come from brown chickens and white eggs come from white chickens. - Egg shells are soft and eggs are hot when they are first laid. The shell hardens as the eggs cools. I'd love some free eggs as they are getting awfully expensive - especially if you want to do some baking. My supermarket sells some free range eggs for over $8 a carton and this is for only ten eggs whereas caged eggs sell for around $4.50 for a dozen. It's a huge cost difference which I think must put loads of people off buying free range even if they support the cause. Please excuse the language but I've always loved this joke....


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