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It’s universally acknowledged that the best arcade games are the ones with a simple but catchy game mechanic. Take Qix, released thirty years ago by publisher Taito. The name of the game in Qix was to try and claim as much territory as possible, by drawing shapes on an otherwise blank playing space. The difficulty was in trying to do so without being struck, mid-shape, by a large, erratically-moving stick in the middle of the field. Simple, but addictive too: Qix has been ported and re-skinned a fair number of times over the years [Like the excellent, and recent Patchwork Heroes on PSP - Ed.] One of those new takes on the game was the PSP title... read full article


Fortix 2

I have played Fortix, Yes it is one incredible game to play and I am glad to get some custom research essay about Fortix as well, Fortix 2 is even better than the first edition, Everyone should play the game once in their life, Thanks for sharing the information.


Thanks chelsey for sharing this excellent blog appliance repair denver.Really it is a simple but catchy game.I played Fortix 2 after reading this blog.Everyone who loves to play must go with Fortix 2.Excellent sharing,Thanks!!


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