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I am a big advocate of getting enough sleep.  This is key in feeling great and managing body shape yet many of us struggle to get a good 7-8 hours in.  Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your moods, your waistline and your health so it is a good idea to spend a little time looking at how you can make some small changes to improve your sleep. Try these food sleep savers; Eat foods on a regular basis throughout the day Energy needs to be replenished in your body after sleeping as believe it or not, your body uses energy when you sleep ,so it is key to have breakfast and then have 4-5 mini meals throughout your day. Eating food on a regular basis... read full article


No caffeine for me. I stick to good old H2o and swear that it helps me sleep better and is great for your skin.


I'm a completely different person when I get enough sleep!


I always have trouble sleeping ( with my hubby happily snoring in my ear!). I don't drink coffee in the evening, and try and drink plenty of water - but I find as I'm getting older it effect how many times I get up in the night!!


OMG I totally agree! I love my sleep. but I'd rather avoid carbs at dinner. Thanks for the reminder to have less caffeine though - I drink way too much!


Definitely True! I find I tend to eat a lot more when I'm sleep deprived....and it's not usually good food either :(


mmm Carbs... just posted a comment in relation to this on dieting. Through gestational diabetes I now know how these can affect blood sugars because of their glycemic index... As I am concious that I may still have diabetes or the children are at risk ths is one food element we will be careful with along with sugars. I think they should be eaten in caution and think exercise is a better alternative.


....hmmm not to sure about carbs for dinner...though I love a wonderful sleep but find I never get a chance to have a good one because of life....lol...though I know I have to try more and I am a bit like Anna too in that I can lie in bed and just can't seem to shut down things going in my mind......


I feel better after 7 hours good sleep, having kids that wake in the night can really screw over your day!!!


I'd love to get eight hours sleep a night, but it remains an elusive dream. I've always thought the Spanish siesta is one custom we'd do well to adopt - a potentially great boost to our national health and wellbeing.


Its a shame so many turn to sleeping tablets rather than taking a good look at their dietary habits. I used to have a cup of coffee mid afternoon, but found out by trial and error that i did not sleep well if i had it after 3pm but up to this point i was fine.


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