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I tried Dial's Cherry Seed Oil & Mint NutriSkin body wash. It comes in a large bottle (473mL), which is great because our family seems to go through body wash incredibly fast! I found that I didn't have to use too much of it either to work up a good lather. It's got a nice scent, although I didn't notice the mint (which is probably good as a lot of people find mint overpowering). Dial's body wash doesn't have the same luxuriousness as some of the more expensive brands, being a gel body wash as opposed to a thick lotion, but Dial is not a bad price (about $6 at the supermarket) so if you are looking for value for money, this is... read full article


Dial NutriSkin Body Wash

Looks very appealing and at $6 a bottle (thats a nice sized bottle too), I will be looking out for it in my next shop. Cherry seed oil and mint..sounds like it will smell divine.


I want some of this saw it the other day smells nice!

Noice!!! I want to squirt this on top of icecream and eat it haha! The 'fruit oils' sound great - super moisturising.


I will be looking out for this next time i do the shopping! Def havent seen it yet or i woulda brought it... Love trying new body wash's... Looks appealing and awesome that its a bigger sized bottle for a reasonable price!


I can almost smell this! what an amazing mix of ingredients! and sounds like a great price! will definitely be trying this one on my next shop! and hiding it from the rest of the family :-)


Yummy good price and good ingrediants sounds like something we will have to try for sure.


Great value at $6 for nearly 500ml. Might have to give this a try.


Sounds good. The first thing that attracts me is usually packaging and i really like the pink. I really like body wash, plain soap does not leave me feeling completely clean. Will be searching this one out.


I saw this recently at the supermarket...I usually buy whatever is on special and usually have a bit of a 'sniff' and if it wins the 'sniff' test then I'll buy! I find there are so many delicious scents these days and since summer is coming up....I like to use those that have little beads in them to help when exfoliating my body :). (it helps when tanning in the summer!!!). I also find using one of those bath foam scrubbing thingys (I can't think of the right terminology) makes the bottle last a whole lot longer as appose to just throwing the body wash straight onto your skin. $6 is a great price and will probably give this one a try at some point at least!


Totally agree with the review. This smells fabulous and goes so well on a loofah!!


i love this smells great and makes my skin feel awesome!!


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