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Community Rules

it would be good to have a gardening discussion forum

you could just make a post somewhere? and every one can reply to your post!


Steve Jobs R.I.P. It makes you think??
Hello everyone,it was sad yesterday to hear of the death on Steve Jobs the ex CEO of Apple,he has changed the way we live and communicate,he has left us amazing technology.He has been compared to Henry Ford and Thomson Edison he was an amazing man.I love this quote from Steve.
"Your time is limited,so dont waste it living someone else's life"
It also makes you think of your own mortality I think,he was 2 years younger then me,and it proves it does not matter how famous you are or how rich,when its your time to go that's it.


What's your policy Chelsey. I had thought it was against the rules but don't see any mention about personal advertising on Chesley in the above guidelines.

However, I feel unhappy about the post under "Svetol® 2800 - The Silver Bullet For Weight Management" posted by "Simply Devine Beauty Therapy" Is the Chesley forum the place for all of us place advertisements/ logos about our personal businesses? I would like to see this post removed or a policy stating that personal advertising is acceptable included in the above community guidelines.

PS: I am in no was associated the business of beauty therapy but this post opens the door for a flood of advertising from any businesses who think it might be to their advantage to post on Chelsey. Is this what you want?


That's what poletision would like as to do...



Chelsey, are 'Watch Homefront Online Free', abusing your guidelines e.g. advertising?

Hi Mellow, we're getting spammed we're deleting 50+ of these posts everyweek. Best regards,

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Hi Chelsey, the site is being abused by ads again........


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