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The bridesmaids and the maid of honor are key players in your wedding that is why you pay them special attention. We would like to offer you some tips with working bridesmaids and the maid of honor. Your selected group of women is normally friends and family. You know their preferences and know how to make it work. Never the less there can still be tensions as the big day approaches and your expectations of them may change. Try your best to keep everyone at ease. Help with decision making so that the wedding will run smoothly. A few good tips with working with the bridesmaids and maid of honor will help you to maintain a well-planned wedding. The... read full article


Bride's Survival Guide - Working With Bridesmaids And Groomsmen

Do I detect a US influence once again in this article? I would be far more interested in reading about organising a wedding in New Zealand. After all, how many Chelsey readers would even consider using a wedding planner? As for rehearsal dinners, I've certainly never been to one although I have been part of a wedding party on several occasions. Even the advice about including your bridesmaids in choosing the menu and the flowers seems a little foreign. These things are normally done by the bride and groom and their parents (especially Mums) – those who normally pay for this part of the wedding. is so much information about weddings that would be more relevant to Chelsey readers. Please, can we have more local content if possible.

I completely agree with you Wice!


This kind of fancy palaver puts me off the whole formal wedding thing, want to cut it down to just me and my man, before god, and maybe a few friends...the marriage is more important than the wedding which can turn into an out of control jugganaut...!


There is definatly an element of truth in considering advice of the bridesmads though. I'm a bridesmaid in February and there has been a bit of tention over outfits and money from all of the bridesmaids because of lack of communication.


My fiance and I are getting Married in December under 2 months to go and one of my closest friends and Bridesmaids has quit. Not only is this upsetting but also inconvenient, that aside she and her partner have still suggested they would like to attend the wedding?? help!


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