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Bloody Mary - Classic Cocktail Drink Recipe.   ½ Shot of Vodka 2 Shots of tomato juice Decent splash(es) of hot sauce Dash of Worcestershire sauce 1/3 Shot of lemon juice Pinch of salt Pinch of pepper Stalk of celery   Combine all ingredients, pour back and forth between two mixing glasses. Strain into an ice-filled glass before garnishing with a celery stalk.     Check out the full selection of Classic Cocktail Recipes here >> read full article


Bloody Mary

I don't think I'll be trying this one. Though other members of my family might be happy if I made one for them.


yer im just not to sure about the tamatoe juice... for some reason its just one of those things that i have decided i dont like... even though i dont even know if i do...


I always thought that and then I tried it and discovered that I was right.


discovered you were right and hated or right and liked??


Right about not liking it. Was just as I had imagined and don't think I need to try it again!


Though other silly family members love it, so it's obviously to some peoples taste. I'll just have to make this one for them!


lol oh thats not good then!! lol dont make it for them... find a yummy one for yourself instead =P


No, I'm not a tomato juice fan either. I've tried Bloody Mary's several times but they really aren't my thing though Hubbie has always loved them.

Gazpacho...yum, yes. I'll go for some of that...But a Bloody Mary, no I don't think so!


Actually, it's a pretty gross name. and it does look a bit like something from the Vampire series. I read that it has associations with Queen Mary the First but I can’t see why as she died a natural death and isn’t recorded as being a bloodthirsty person. There are quite a few drinks which use a first name with the word 'bloody' Bloody Barbara - A Bloodly Mary without the vodka Bloody Jerry - Replace vodka with Veggie Vodka and Guinness Bloody Margaret - Gin replacing vodka Bloody Maria - Tequila replacing vodka. Bloody Maureen - Guinness replacing vodka. Bloody Molly - Irish whiskey replacing vodka. Bloody Murray - Tequila replacing vodka Bloody Philip - Lao Khao (rice liqueur), replacing vodka

I'd never heard of any of those! I don't think I'll try any of them out!


No, me neither. They all have the dreaded tomato juice. However..... I would drink any of them if pinapple juice was used instead of tomato juice - well maybe excluding the Bloody Jerry (Vegge vodka - no idea what it is - sounds disgusting too - especially with Guiness). Quite fun finding out about drinks on Chelsey; not really something I would normally be looking at!

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