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Items You Bring to the Beach You would be surprised at how creative wedding favor manufacturers have become when it comes to favors for a beach wedding. Let's think of some items you would normally bring to the beach. Beach chair party favors are available that are so realistic you wish you could enlarge them and keep them in your house to recline and grab that wonderful feeling of beach serenity. Flip flops do absolutely nothing to shield our feet from sand on the beach, but offering them as beach wedding favors will put them to good use for a change. These beach wedding favors can be found in many different vibrant colors. What about sand... read full article


Beach Wedding Favors

Great idea.I love the idea of relaxed weddings and venues having been to a family members one that was a "Picnic wedding"Everyone arrived to a gorgeous park and had a great day with all the picnic trimmings and games for the kids.


Awesome idea, such a great momento for people.


Very cool ideas. We came so close to having a Vanuatu Beach wedding and this article could have provided great inspiration, but an Elvis elopement to Vegas got in the way...


On this theme, I have also seen the most stunning dessert served up in a scallop shell. It was a little chocolate mousse with some peaches and lychees and it tasted as good as it looked. What a great theme and so very Kiwi!


Beach weddings are always so fantastic. Weather dependent of corse!


Wouldn't be much fun at this time of year!


Beach weddings are beautiful.


I definitely want to have a beach wedding when I get married - I just wish there were some nice beaches in Wellington but I dont think there are, I would like to go to a island or something but that just makes it very expensive for everyone else ...


Love the seashell idea!


i would love to have my wedding at the beach!!


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