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Deutz celebrates unique designer collaboration with Lukeke Design The craftsmanship of winemaking and the ancient art of glassblowing have combined with the recent collaboration between Deutz and Lukeke Design. Lukeke Design has created a stunning collection of limited edition handmade glass flutes with Deutz Marlborough Cuvée as their muse. The understated style and sophistication of Deutz is the perfect touch to toast and celebrate this unique designer collaboration. To celebrate the release of these limited edition flutes and the 2008 vintage of Deutz Marlborough Prestige Cuvée, Chelsey has... read full article


Be In To Win Deutz Designer Flutes

Wow... a really quite special prize! I can't imagine drinking bubbly from a black flute but the idea definitely creates a feeling of mystery. It really adds a different, quite magical dimension so the Deutz becomes an enchanted potions!

Very true. I think when drinking this I would feel poised & feel very warm & positively aggressive. Very sexy looking drink & flutes. If I won this I would share with my partner alone & lock him as well as cuff him up.. it looks like a very powerful suductive set.


they do kind of seem mysterious... would be great to have the special bottle around for christmas time!!


what a great way to drinkDeutz


Black is so my colour! I'm sure Deutz Marlborough Prestige Cuvée would be easy to enjoy with one of those flutes.


These glasses remind me of staying in Brunei. There is no alcohol served in this Islamic country but in order to appease guests at the more expensive hotels, you can leave a bottle of wine at the kitchen sometime before dinner and the waiters will serve it to you in opaque coloured glasses so that no one else) is knows what you are drinking (yeh right!)


...though I am not a wine drinker am loving those black flutes...how sleek...


Drink with me and I'll drink to your health,...... in style... To collaborate is worthy to celebrate... and esp on a 'Special occassion'. Thanks Deutz.


These glasses are so cool. I want. They look so elegant


So elegant and refined a designer styled glassware to indulge with pleasure... A touch of lust, envy and gluttony... and... A touch of love, temperence and hope that I can enjoy this great prize xoxo


If only we had these beaudiful works of art when we visited the wineries, m sure the taste would've been even sweeter... the rest of the visitors would be jealous of the stylish unique classes raised in celebration...

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