Discussing :: BB Creams: What are they?

Dr Katherine Armour, Consultant Dermatologist to L’Oréal Paris, explains the ins and outs of BB Creams.  What does BB stand for?   BB refers to a “beauty balm” or “blemish balm.” What are BB creams?   B creams are really “make-up meets skincare.”  They provide a light degree of skin coverage whilst also containing sun protection, moisturising and “active ingredients.”  BB creams aim to replace moisturisers, sun-blocks, serums, primers and foundation.  The active ingredients differ between products.  Some aim to assist with blemishes in acne-prone skin,... read full article


BB Creams: What are they?

I'd be interested to hear some reviews by Chelsey readers about BB creams - brands, effectiveness, cost, etc.


I've never tried any, but I'm going to have to head to the shops - would be good to get one for summer when normal foundation always feels (and looks) a bit too heavy. Keen for any recommendations too...

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Ive just seen that a brand of BB cream is on sale this week, so am going to buy it to try it!!


I've tried just the cheap supermarket Garnier BB creme and it's really great. Perfect for when you don't want to wear full on makeup!

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A Great alternative to Foundation which can look heavy if not applied properly....

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Thanks for this story. Its really helped me understand what it means. Ill be giving some a go soon


This is super helpful! I really want to try a BB cream but all the ones that are for sale in NZ are not very good, I have heard that the Lioelle Triple the Solution, with can be purchased on Ebay is really good. So this is the one I will be trying. Check out reviews on YouTube if you are not sure which ones to try.


Here's a couple of BB Cream reviews, as requested! http://www.chelsey.co.nz/life-and-style/beauty/beauty-reviews/loreal-paris-nude-magique-bb-cream http://www.chelsey.co.nz/life-and-style/beauty/beauty-reviews/garnier-bb-cream


I'm gonna try one soon, great for the summer when you don't want heavy make up... :)


Wow, sounds like BB Creams are the way to go! Especially for smmer. I'm due to buy some new foundation, however I'll be trying BB cream instead. Thanks for such an informative explanation!


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