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We've all been there. Those times in our lives when we swear that alcohol will never again touch our lips. These instances usually happen in the early mornings, with the cracks from the bathroom linoleum digging into our knees and our contact lenses glued to our eyeballs as if holding on for dear life, afraid that the heaves of our stomach will cause them to fall out.   With alcohol freely flowing - booze oozing out of bottles, people professing their love for each other, glasses of wine practically filling themselves up - it's easy to forget the hangover that awaits in the coming hours. Lurking in the bathroom, hiding beneath the sink or behind... read full article


Avoiding a Wine Hangover

aaaah thanks for the tips! if i end up with a hangover a new world chicken pie and a bottle of powerade does it for me! i've also been told that a short black espresso thrown back heals a hangover, you won't catch me doing that though! --- wouldn't that make you more dehydrated?! :/ there are also these 'anti hangover' pills that are apparently good...........called hydrodol. I purchased some new years didnt end up taking them cos i stepped on the packet previously which probably wasn't safe. Apparently they are good, but not cheap!!!!! They pretty much put all the vitamins and nutrients into your body that youve lost.....


I find the cheaper the vino the nastier the hang over! Bummer though there is some nice cheap wine out there:) I like the giant glass of water before bed trick best.


I definitely drink plenty of water but learnt the hard way about mixing with prescription drugs. Don't think I'll make that mistake again in a hurry!


Luckily I dont drink too much wine to end up with a hangover, I cant stand them.

I'm the same! I love the taste of wine, but don't really like the tipsy feeling - after all who WANTS to feel dizzy, lightheaded, and incapable of thinking clearly - thats what I feel when I get sick! So I really choose my wine carefully ( often asking for tastes of several), savour each sip, and have a glass of water alongside. That way I can enjoy wine without the downsides - including the extra calories too! I have quite taken to the Doctors Reisling - lower alcohol and also lower calorie, and really nice too!


Helpful :)


awww i love wine... but definitely not water in between enjoying them.. but might give this a crack.. hungover mornings aren't as fun!


I'm a recovering alcoholic! 2 years sober so I definitely DO NOT miss those hangovers!

Yay for 2 years!! Well done you!


Best way to avoid Wine Hangover - don't drink wine. Cocktails are much more fun!

I tend not to feel any ill effects after drinking a little too much wine but can't same the same for cocktails!


Cool! Now I can go out and be able to get up for my son at 6am without feeling groggy!


mmmm wine.....


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