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Today I acquired my hundredth CD. As a Music Reviewer, I have been sent 100 CDs in the mail. Do the math. I have never paid for a CD in my life. Yet my album collection is probably my most prized possession, despite the fact that they are all promotional copies. I do have an extensive MP3 library, but there is something intrinsically different about a physical CD and a selection of digital files. MP3s are completely impersonal – they only appeal to one sense: sound. Whereas a CD can be touched, smelt, seen and tasted. It is truly difficult to taste an MP3 file. I am from the generation that grew up alongside digital music, thus CDs are considered... read full article


A Rambling - Vinyl, Music Piracy and MGMT

ITA agree mp3s vs CDs. I love being able to pull the little booklet out & read the actual lyrics (rather than what I think they should be) and also the artists "thanks to" bit - it's fascinating lol. Score for promo CDs! Vinyl just isn't my thing - I'm not Vegan either.

I agree. It feels quite satisfying to put a physical object into a a cd player too.


I have a huge collection of CD albums and Singles and did at one point loved the reading of the CD booklets opening the wrapping around a new CD but I must admit I find it easier now to just update my ipod on the computer and go....it is way easier for me personally to have an ipod the size of a deck of cards to carry around as oppose to a number of CD binders....which I use to lug around in the past...


I have no desire to update my CD collection. Haven't in years. I don't even have an ipod. Almost all my music is on my computer. Sometimes if I really want to hear a particular song I'll youtube it. Otherwise I mostly listen to the radio, mostly in the car, and I flick through stations when I don't like the song, or the ads, which are usually for freaking annoying or disgusting farming supplies in Hamilton.

I'm so paranoid about losing the digitised music I have on my computer that I back them up on a regular basis I would lose the plot if I lost digital collection....my ipod is my saving grace....I always need a bit of music in my day...have the ipod adapter for the car so I just plug it in and drive....it also has my Spanish and Mandarin lessons on it and other random podcasts not that I have started using my language stuff...but its their when I need it....I just have to start thinking of what to do with my very large CD collection....I don't want it to sit and gather dust would rather have it used....by someone who would appreciate the collection

I do have iPod.. But I'm same as d.m. Mainly just listen to the radio these days.. Only time I really use iPod is when we go kn a roa trip so the radio doesn't work on the way!!

Anna you should check out what your ipod can actually do I thought mine was only good for music and vids...but found by searching on the net that i could use it as a pod cast and e reader etc by using apps on it....I couldn't imagine not using it...there are always new apps coming out that can be used on ipods to depending on the generation of them

yer i do use my ipod for all sorts... just not music haha!!!


Just in the last year I've started to buy new music. I must've had the last 5 years or so of listening to the radio, but now occasionally I hear a singer & love several of their songs & want the whole lot. An ipod is the one thing that I don't have, but then I have music on my smartphone, so that's pretty much the same thing.


I admit I do worry about losing my music on my computer, because it happened when my last hard drive crashed, or something. I have some on the backup of my computer I guess. Heck, not the end of the world, I guess.


nah, maybe an excuse to renew your music collection? I threw out half my collection a couple of months ago - I was so embarrased someone might see my old nasty CDs from 10 years ago that I don't even listen to anymore.

Have to admit last time I did a tidy up I found some pretty awful CDs in a draw. Not sure I even liked them when I was younger. Would have been very embarrassed if someone had stumbled upon them before I got rid of them!


Clear them out, KH! You'll feel much better afterward. Just chuck them in the bin, or put them in the pile for the Sally Army.

I've definitely got to do some major cleaning of CD music etc etc hopefully I can do it this weekend before summer comes....


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