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It seems these days, getting less than six hours of sleep is considered a characteristic of an ambitious, successful person. It's seen as a badge of honour. Where as people that catch 7-8 hours of sleep are seen as lazy and unproductive. Well that's certainly untrue! Here's a Quick story A few months back I was working until the evening. Then in again very early in the morning. It took me hours to unwind and I ended up in bed much too late. I had to be up at 4am. So I accumulated a lot of lost Z's! I noticed the usual signs of sleep deprivation. Being easily stressed, unfocused and lacking energy as a few examples. What I never ... read full article


5 Reasons Sleep Affects Your Fitness

These points are interesting. I aim for 8 hours sleep a night.


More sleep - is on the agenda!


its just soo hard to get the time to have enough sleep!! but i do know how important it is!!


Been having early nights the past week and it's been great. Getting the right amount of sleep makes a huge difference. Have been feeling a lot better and have actually been WANTING to exercise which doesn't happen very often for me!


Haven't heard much about 'power naps' in recent times. Has this idea of supplementing night time sleep become obsolete? I know hubbie still practices this on a daily basis and I find a short daytime zizzy (10-20 mins max.) can make a huge difference to how I feel, revitalizing me if I haven't had enough night time sleep.

I have no idea if this would actually work for me but I'd love to be able to! Some days I've been so busy and end up exhausted...but still no way could I get to sleep before my bed time....and lying in bed for a good 40 minutes for more. Being able to lie down and sleep for 10-20 minutes sounds so nice and peaceful! I'm not sure I've ever fallen asleep somewhere other than a bed either!


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Thank you for sharing! I will sleep well. instagram running


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The diagnosis of insomnia passes first by interviewing the patient and if possible the spouse. It is completed by a sleep diary, possibly associated with actimetry.

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