Discussing :: $3,000 worth of giveaways to kick start our Health forums

We're launching Chelsey's forums and in particular our Health, Fitness, & Nutrition discussion forum! Over the next few weeks we'll be working with Kellogg’s Special K along with Fitness expert and Nutritionist Lee-Anne Wann to emphasise the benefits of a high-protein, low GI diet for Shape Management, especially during winter.   And with thanks to Kellogg's Special K, Reebok, Lee-Anne Wann, Anja Gallas, and Sweete we have on offer close to $3,000 worth of giveaways to kick start our new Health, Fitness, & Nutrition forum   We have three of the following prize-pack's worth over $600 to giveaway for each of... read full article


$3,000 worth of giveaways to kick start our Health forums

Win ! Win Win!


I came second, in need of ''Kelloggs K'', an incentive, prizes...


I get married in 3 and a half months!!! I NEED LEE-ANNE AT MY PLACE!! Gotta get motivated to look my best. Just did 15mins on wee tramp - not much but it's a start. Have decided to add in more movement to my busy day as every little bit helps.


Having had a shoulder strain and then knee injury, I am now kick-starting my regime again, concentrating on making healthy eating choices and squeezing in small pockets of exercise in my busy day and evening. Lee-anne's article seemed like she was talking to me. After reading it yesterday, I decided to get a ride to the Squash Club and walk home. Also got my daughter(22) to walk with me which was a plus, a great time to chat or get in a gossip walk as Lee-Anne says. Thanks for the motivation, Lee-anne.


I have found if I do regular daily exercise and stilck to a low fat, low carb diet it keep my fibromyelga under control.


Males Eat Special K Too! Low Carbs,make ya feel fantastic inside/and out!!

If you like special K and low carbs, you'll love the home made toasted muesli recipe I've just posted. Scrummy, healthy boost in the morning and easy!


I am a mother of 2 little ones and my oldest has just started school. I have gained 25kgs and on wednesday i turned 34...I hate being overweight and have vowed that in a year I will loose the extra 25kgs and then some and be fit and strong again for my children. I need some help and incentive to keep me going, I have the determination and drive to loose it, some extra help wouldn't be missed....please help this frumpy Mummy find her sexy mummy again.... pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease xx


Wow! What fantastic goodies! Fingers crossed everyone!!! ;-)


I have Multiple Sclerosis, which means I can't go like a bat out of hell (figure of speech) doing things. I have been given one of those walkers that you see older people using them(I'm only 51, but look older due to wrinkles from illness). I have put it away out of my sight, as I'm going to start building my body up. First thing I've started doing is getting my diet sorted out. Then slowly start walking out & about increasing the distance every 2nd day or so. I will keep you all informed on how I'm doing.My motto is "Shit Happens & always bare in mind that there is someone worst than you around the corner" Please Lee-Anne, I could really do with some guidance to get me going correctly. Cheers


I am a big believer in healthy body, healthy mind. It is so hard to get motivated especially in Winter. I tell my body to get out of bed when my husband gets up early for work, this is my time to get my shoe's on and get around the block for 45 minutes. It is always a struggle with the mind, but so invigorating afterwards.

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