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What prize would you most like to win?

I know, we all want to win Lotto, or an overseas trip, but if you could win one item for your home, what would it be?


I'd love a nice big smart TV. A 50in would fit great in my lounge but unfortunately it is not going to be in the budget anytime soon!

Chelsey had one as a prize a couple of years ago. I didn't win it though :)


me i,d be super happy with a home of me own

Yes, that would be a pretty awesome prize :)


I have a wish list as long as my arm but the two things I would love the most, boring as they may seem is a vacuum cleaner with an appetite & electric beaters with two beaters instead of the one I currently battle with. One day ...sigh

Sadly, I have to agree that a vacuum cleaner would be excellent. I loaned mine to a friend and the wheel fell off. Wouldn't have been a problem, could have just popped it back on, but a simple little (custom fitting) cotter-pin also fell off, was vacuumed up, and thrown away, rendering the entire machine ... well, not useless, but pretty annoying to use :/


A round the world holiday and take my Mum xx

That's my dream trip, too! A year travelling with my two girls :)


A holiday on a nice tropical island!


A new iPhone 6 would be nice...not going to be in my budget anytime soon!

Me, too! I've had a Sony Experia for about 3 years, dropped it many times, including 3 times into bodies of water, and it's still going. But it seems that everyone who has iPhones ends up having to get the screen replaced. Not as durable??


Anything involving travel would be great - to just about anywhere!

If you won a trip to Rotorua would you go? :)

I would have said no a few weeks ago, but we went for the weekend, just to get away, and it was pretty great. Luging for the first time, horse riding (my daughters first time), Kerosene Creek, the Redwoods, really nice hotel. Bizarrely I'd actually recommend it for a weekend away now.


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