Discussing :: What is your favourite lolly/food that you cant buy/get now?


What is your favourite lolly/food that you cant buy/get now?

Mine is Decks they were cool little lollies wrapped in hearts/clubs/spades/diamonds and came in orange strawberry and other flavours I used to love them :)

Oh yeah! They were quite big, like an inch square! They were great!! I liked sparkles because we used to win them playing bingo at the beach at Christmas. And Grapefruit Chocolate, though I think Nestle may have made that and I don't eat Nestle any more. Except Milo, and that's different....

Loved Decks - that last time I purchased them was while holidaying on Great Barrier Island - and it was probably a good year after they had stopped being sold on the mainland... oh gosh just thinking about how 'old they probably were'...

They were my absolute favourite , so well packaged , I'd love to buy some . I'd fly them in from off shore if I could


mine where these pink milk bottles... ive only ever found them at one place and that place shut down.... im sure they got to be around i just dont know where?? haha although that is prob a good thing!!!!!


Perky Nana! I can't find them anywhere :(

Hey, I just saw Perky Nana's in our 4Square! They're still around. And they are on sale this week, 99 cents!


Jaffas in the little boxes! :( They only do them in plastic bags now :( Well im pretty sure they do...........

I think they still do Jaffas in boxes. I saw them around Red Nose day. Maybe it was a special edition run.


Another favourite food of mine from when I was young was Frying Saucers hehe, havent seen those for many many years.

Were Frying Saucers a kind of puffed up savory chip? I can remember a round tasty chip (now that you mention it) but never would have remembered what they were called.


What about snifters, used to love getting these when I went to the movies.I used to like those spaceman candy sticks that looked like cigarettes, think they took the red tip off these? I liked to pretend to smoke them and didn't then go and take up smoking!!

I used to pretend to smoke them too, and didn't take up smoking. Maybe we did that INSTEAD of taking up a life long bad habit. The red tip was the best part! I haven't bought them since they took that off and renamed them. But then... I grew up too... :)

OOOOOH I loved those spaceman candy! I fully use to pretend they were cigarettes tooo...aaah those were the days! They haven't turned me into a smoker either ;)


Frying Saucers


Jaffas and Snifters were the two movie must haves. Both were quite disgusting in their own way. I remember how the colour always ran off the Jaffa coating so that your fingers and everything else you had touched in the dark were bright orange. With Snifters, we used to crack or try to suck off al the hard green coating and then take the chocolate coated white bit out of our mouths to look at (heavens knows why?) Another couple of favourites have spring to mind - Milkshakes and Minties. Can honestly admit to losing a filling to a Milkshake - but they were yummy. Ooo - some more - Chocolate eclairs, MacIntosh toffees! If you really have a hankering for a particular sweet, and want to blow your mind with the choice of sugary tretats, you could try an online shop like "Retro Sweets" ( they take Visa) http://website.informer.com/visit?domain=aquarterof.co.uk&url=http://aquarterof.co.uk According to the site stats shown, I see they get about 3,000 daily vistors and 11,217 daily page views.


Really nice Banana Ice-cream ? ....

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Gotta be 'Snow Flake' & 'Mint Crunchie' and in the 80's we had Peanut Butter Chips. Banana Berry Ice-Cream harder to find now. Bring them back I say. :-)

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