Discussing :: Voluntary work - unpaid pleasure.


Voluntary work - unpaid pleasure.

A lot of people believe 'charity begins at home'. The community is ones home. There is no pressure monetary-wise, though Karma works in a mysterious way. Do you currently participate in this topic?


We take our hats off to the Salvation Army volunteers who give up their time to help others in both times of disaster and general everyday needs. VSA members show merit in times of disaster overseas.


Any Volunteers out there?


Personally I would like to volunteer but I have no time nor money. I still live at home, study full time and work part time. So I guess at this stage all of my energy will have to go into just living.



For 25 years I have volunteered for victim support and I could not imagine quitting. It is sad at times but it is humbling to have people allow you into their lives at some of the most difficult and challenging moments and hopefully our work as volunteers helps people at these times by providing support and advice a listening ear and options. It is indeed a pleasure. Through this work I have learned that people are resilient and strong and can overcome adversity with the right support in place. The people I have met over the years are truly amazing and when I leave I take a little of the with e and I hope that I leave a little of me with them


We have a volunteer day at work each year which gets us out helping the community. I love to help out at school gala's etc but it all has comes down to time unfortunately. I single parent working full time, it's hard to get out there although I would love to, I can't.


I think that a lot of people get satisfcation out of doing volunteer work, this is because they feel great about doing a good deed for someone without a reward. I believe that its great for peoples confidence and makes them feel like they can give back to the community. I really respcet volunteer workers, they are kind hearted and deserve to be given more credit for their hard work and contributions.


Charity or voluntary work can be so rewarding, I believe in karma but don't do it for that reason, I just love the pleasure it can give other people


I believe volunteer work is becoming part of the social norm. We teach our kids in school to give their time however possible to whomever's in need. We all know someone that volunteers their time and effort and their reasoning are quite mundane, "Because it makes me feel good." Although this world is becoming more and more greedier whether that's due to capitalism/corporate greed/power/economic gain; we are still an egalitarian culture (NZ). I've been volunteering my time for over 12 years now and it's become the social norm in my community. I hope it's like that in other areas of Aotearoa


One day I would love to volunteer----when the kids are older and I have the time around having family and fulltime work........id love to help any place with animals -I think its such a worthwhile thing to be able to do


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