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Trade Me Browsing and Buying

What categories do you regularly browse through on Trade Me? What sorts of things do you tend to buy off trade me? What was your last purchase? How about your first purchase? Do you sell stuff through there as well?


Dogs! I love looking at the dogs that need new homes. I'm hoping to get one, but it really has to be the right one. Not a jumpy one cos the fence is only about 5 feet, not a diggy one, not one that is so big it has to stay outside, but not a little yappy one. And I have to build a gate, which, to be honest, is really the major thing holding me up. Oh, and also because then we are even more tied to this house. Which I don't like. Last purchase was a guide uniform I think. I often search on trademe before shopping online or actually going to a store. I don't sell much any more. Just can't be bothered. I did just sell a lot of iron figurines recently though, as someone at my Dad's shop ordered the series of magazines (with figurines) and then didn't pick them up. Really annoying for him, but they sold okay. So now I think he wants me to sell more of the same kind of thing. Some Dr. Who series.


How about you KH?


First thing I bought was a book. Lately I'm looking through the craft stuff, so I can get some supplies I can actually afford to make a few cards for people, hopefully. The last thing I got was a Hero Arts stamp for a particular card I was making. I used to always look through the horses and dream of being able to afford a second one. One day... Sometimes I look through house listings for sale and rent, jobs and then anything else that takes my fancy! I'm generally too lazy to sell anything though.


umm.. i like looking at lots of stuff... renting houses through it.. games, books, crafts stuff - used to get beads off there... and i love looking at the clothes but i hardly ever buy coz i just dont know if theyll fit/ look good!@!


Same here with the clothes. I'll go through spells of looking all the time but haven't ever bought anything.


I don't usually browse on Trademe but do look if there is something specific I need (or want) like a book. I love looking at the photogrpahic equipment though but don't do it very often (too tempting).


yer tempting is true.. haha i always think like... oh im sure its worth it and try to convince myself haha


Have you ever paid more than you intended for something in a bidding war?


I don't buy clothes on trademe anymore. Too many disappointments. Poor quality. Not as described, etc. I've paid more than I wanted for a couple of things. The only thing I wish I hadn't bought was a toy for my daughter, which didn't work (and the seller never responded to my email about that) and then I saw it in Kmart for just a few dollars more. THAT was annoying. I also hate that you can't leave negative feedback because chances are the other person (seller) will leave negative feedback in response. I've had that happen (but got it removed because it was obviously retaliatory). On ebay only buyers leave feedback. That kind of seems fair to me.


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