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The Vet Bill

Ones pet is a close member of ones family. Sadly when a visit to the vet is required there is a price to pay. To weigh up the cost of love and the price of the hefty bill can be daunting. Mum had her cat diagnosed with lung cancer and unfortunately it had to be put down:( $800.00 later was a double blow. Do vets put false hope on the weakness of love? They are not Gods, though they are extremely passionate about their profession. Have you experienced sad or happier visits to your Vet?


Our pets are definitely part of the family so we will pay what ever necessary for their vet treatment. Pet Insurance is probably a good idea however it doesn't seem to be very common in NZ so I don't know a lot about it.


It's your beloved pet - whatever it costs to fix it you pay.


When you get a pet and form that close bond you have to be prepared for the costs that go with it.


My pets are just like my children. I would give my life for them so of course I would find a way to pay for the vet care they need.


Our visits to the vet with our dog has being really good and always walk away with a smile. Despite the cost, they help keep my german shepard happy and healthy.


My cat is 18 and has arthritis and heart problems. So the vet bills have been high. As long as it is still purring we will not put it down. Unfortunately she is not able to groom properly so have to go to have her clipped next week. Not looking forward to it.


I have a cat with nasal problems and she seems to always be on antibiotics which are not cheap! I just budget till it works cause I would do the same for any family member :)


They are daylight robbers and they are as bad, as the petrol stations. The vets should think more about the pets and NOT their pockets! :(


We have this problem at the mo, our dog that we have had for 3 years but is 11, needs his heart checked, ultra sound at $350. They think he may have heart disease! After that he needs teeth cleaned and a few removed!! Approx $700! Bloody pain in the arse!


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