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Thanks Chelsey - prizewinners page

It's time we had a page for Chelsey winners to express their thanks for the great prizes that Chelsey offers. I'd like start this off....

Thank you so much for the amazing Blunt umbrella which arrived this morning. It is the a truly awesome beast - in fact I have never seen such a unique, sturdy umbrella in my life before. Today we are experiencing the ultimate in squally, weather. I tried it out.... Brilliant!

My new Blunt looks like it will last forever. Hubbie almost begged me to give it to him but I resisted his pleas... Now I know what I will be buying him for Christmas - and if I can stretch to it, he won't be the only one to get one. The price might be more than I'd normally be prepared to pay, but the quality is there and these umbrellas really would make a fantastic gift. Even the presentation is great. Thy come in their own classic cylinder which for looks alone, gives them added value.

So thanks so much Chelsey. I will think of you every time I use my Blunt!


The little thank you's in life are deeply appreciated by one and all. To give, and to receive. Thank you Chelsey, these competitions & prizes, top off an interesting great site!


Yes super thanks! ive had lots of wonderful things from chelsey! and heaps have been good as presents aswell!!


Thanks to Chelsey for an awesome year full of awesome prizes, unfortunately 2014 wasnt my year, but alas....2015 is almost here, so new comps to enter and have a go at!!.. Merry Xmas to Chelsey, and all the Chelsey followers!! Have a safe one!!


Ive had quite a few wins from Chelsey, best won would probably have to be the pack I won for my dog, 3 bags of pet food and tennis ball etc... Great work Chelsey!!!


The 'Chelsey' site has become a quiet zone, with less/or no activity. Is this due with the absence of prizes up for grabs...... if so, it takes both supporters and sponsors to be interactive to keep things motivated & enticed.

Very quiet....... must be hibernating?

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