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Pets - a reflection of their master

Does your pet impersonate/an image of you?
Sometimes, you may see pet and owners, and they seem similar in character. Do you agree ?


This is soo true, look at the LOTTO DOG, and I have seen many people who the dog they own suites them

You are kidding aren't you!x

"..the wire fox terrier was left in India after filming for the advert because quarantine rules meant it was too much trouble to get him back to New Zealand." (NZ Herald, Dec 2010)

I'm believe that they used three or four different, similar looking, dogs for the following Lotto adverts.


Who's the "Boss" the cat or it's owner and why is no snooze button on a cat who wants to be fed first thing in the morning.


‘For 18 years, George Clooney's 300 lb pig "Max" was big part of the actor's life - witnessing nearly every moment of his rise from Hollywood unknown to A-list star. The Vietnamese black bristled potbellied pig, who passed away in 2006, not only occasionally shared Clooney's bed, but also became something of a star himself on film sets and in interviews with the actor. The love Clooney had for his pig, which he liked to joke was the longest relationship of his life.”
I’m afraid George really does do something for me but I’m wondering what you think about these pictures of him with his pig. The resemblance seem to have grown over the years and he certainly seems to have aged similarly along side Max; thank heavens George hasn’t followed Max to his grave!


If my cats a reflection of me then I must have multiple personalities because they are all so different


My cat is just like his human Dad, blue eyes, hairy toes, hairy ears and hairy butt.


Absolutely - this is definitely where nurture over rules nature.


I don't attack other peoples legs when they walk in front of me or scream at the top of my lungs when the door is locked, I don't bring mice and rats inside and let them go just for fun, I've never licked my own bum, I don't sleep all day when the sun is shining then run around at night getting muddy and soaked to the bone then come inside and yell for someone to towel me off, so for the most part, no, my pets are not a reflection of me, however I do love a good cuddle and occasionally getting my ego stroked so we do have some things in common and I couldn't live without them, metaphorical warts and all.


I found out today that when the cats start to get under our feet, my partner puts one of them in the bathroom, one in the toilet and the old male gets locked outside...sometimes I wish I could do this with him...lol; put him somewhere like he does to the cats


My cat is just like me - big green eyes, black hair, loving. Only difference is I am not quite so hairy.

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