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Pet insurance - help please

I just posted about getting a dog and then thought.... "what about pet insurance". It seems like this is almost essential with the huge fees charged by vets. However, I know absolutely nothing about pet insurance. Can anyone help with some infomration - types, costs, exclusions, etc.?

I have never had pet insurance, but I have money paid into an account to save for those expensive bills. Over the years it has proven to be invaluable, and it covers flea treatments and visits to the vet. This is our insurance cover. Over the year $10 a week covers those bills.


No replies to my post above. Doesn't anyone have pet insurance?


I just saw someone posting on facebook about this the other day. this is what she said:

Southern cross pet insurance is apparently the best - They used to be Allenco. They have higher maximum amounts that aren't dedicated to one thing or another and they have added options to pay more so you're covered for vet visits and dentals, pet-n-sure is another one but their highest amount is 9k with a dedicated 6k to surgery and 3k to illness

It depends on which company you go with and how much cover you want - $53 a month for $15k cover per year. You can get less cover if you want to as well, but that's with a 20% co payment so you have to cover 20%


Thanks Anna.


$53 a month seems pretty steep if you are not using the policy and the pet doesn't need it. How about putting $53 a month in a bank account or Bonus Bonds? Then you are not losing money and keeps adding up.


I've thought about it often,but like with all Insurance there are pros and cons ,saving up like jude21 sounds good,however it will take a while to get a good amount saved up and in the meantime should your pet need major surgery etc,you won't have enough ,but the insurance will cover it ,always read their terms and conditions on the policy well before signing up ,and check out all the company's and what they offer,I wanted it for my two cats ,but as they are over ten yrs of age were not covered .


It all depends on the dog, re pet insurance. I do not and have never had pet insurance have owned a variety of dogs, feed and look after them well and no major problems. Good diet is important, I feed herbs as well and 10 year old lab is going well


We don't have insurance for our elderly cat but will consider it when when get a new one. An injection to fix her thyroid problem was about $3,500 but since we're not loaded we have to force feed her pills twice a day instead. Insurance would have made life easier. Some of those vet bills can be huge.


I gamble on the fact that my cat has been really healthy. I do have a savings account that I can use if I have to.


I don't have pet insurance as thin it works out cheaper to pay as you go if required .

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